Breyer Horse Collecting: Down On The Farm With Stablemates

Stablemates are the second smallest scale of Breyer horses and many collectors consider them some of the most collectible! Their fun three inch size and attention to detail make them easy choices for collectors! Now collectors can make an entire farm of their own with fun playsets that bring animals to your stable!

No farm is complete with at least a couple animals and with the Farm Set you can bring a whole handful to make your stable an animal lovers paradise. First up is a miniature Sicilian donkey who will be a great companion to your horses. Another farm staple is a hen and her chicks as well as a black and white milking cow. A baby calf is ready to play and a baby goat finishes out the group along with a farm hand ready to help with all of these new animals!

If you’re the type that likes to get hands on, the Petting Zoo is right up your alley. Complete with everything you need to let visitors get hands on with the animals, it’s full of fun for all! A llama, white donkey foal, a calf and a little black pig are all sure to be favorites at the petting zoo! It comes complete with fencing as well as feed for your animals!

Ready to get into some hard farm work? The Tractor Playset is what you’ve been looking for. This playset brings a big red tractor to your farm to help you keep all those animals in control. A Texas longhorn bull follows along as does a black and white border collie, a llama and a duck! Last but not least two farm hands head in along with a horse to help you keep up with all of these new animals!

Bringing more than just horses to your Stablemates collection, Golden Oak Stables makes collecting this small scale even more fun! Head on down to the farm and spice up your stable today!


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