Real Life Breyer Horses: Mistral Hojris

New for fall 2012 comes one of the biggest stars of the 2012 Olympics, Mistral Hojris! This British superstar has been making dressage fans take notice with his incredible record in just a short period of time! Now, with the help of Golden Oak Stables, you can bring a Mistral Hojris of your own into your stable!

Foaled in 1995, Mistral Hojris is a Dutch Warmblood that shows just how beautiful the sport of dressage can be. This chestnut gelding has only been on the competitive circuit for a short time with his rider Laura Bechtolsheimer but in that time they have shown just how much they can do! This pair was first chosen to represent Great Britain in the 2008 Olympic games in Beijing where the placed a respectable 6th place. From there the pair went on to the 2010 World Equestrian Games in Lexington Kentucky. There they won three silver medals all while representing Great Britain. They’ve also set records in Great Britain for Grand Prix, Grand Prix Freestyle and Grand Prix Special dressage! It was no question when they were chosen for the 2012 Olympic team for Great Britain and proving that this was a pair to watch, Laura and Mistral brought home the individual bronze and team gold!

Mistral Hojris can come to live at your stable with the help of Breyer. Created on the Keltic Salerno mold, Mistral Hojris has been created in stunning likeness. Shown in full concentration of his dressage test, Mistral brings the cool and collected nature that all good dressage horses are known for, to you! His striking bright chestnut coat shines brightly with light shading throughout. His four white socks help to keep your attention on his perfectly executed leg work as he makes his way through the arena. His white blaze is his final marking making this beautiful horse all the more beautiful.

Bringing yet another equestrian champion to you, Golden Oak Stables is ready to stuff your stable with the most amazing horses in the world! Bring an Olympian to your barn with Mistral Hojris!



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