Breyer Horse New Releases: 2013 Models Are On Their Way!

Each year Breyer creates new models that capture the spirit of the horse and the amazing world that they live in! This fall Breyer has released their first group of new horses for 2013 and it’s an exciting group to say the least! From real champions to collectors favorites, this group will have you galloping into Golden Oak Stables for your chance to bring them into your stable.

Breyer has long brought real stars of the equine world to collectors and horse lovers all over the world. From champion eventers to race horses, these horses come to find their way to glory through  becoming the best horses in their sport. This year is no different, Breyer brings both the racing legend Native Dancer and cow horse Topsails Rien Maker to collectors! Both of these horses have made their way into the history books and each are waiting to come home with collectors.

A horse that is no stranger to being in the history books is Sergeant Reckless. This little pony is famous for her work in the Korean war carrying ammunition and wounded solders. She may be small but this little mare was a big part of her division and shows just how close the bond between man and horse is!

Collectors will be overjoyed by the addition of an old favorite into the lineup a Western Pony! One of the very first Breyer models, this mold has long been a favorite of collectors. He’s been painted in a fun and flashy appaloosa pattern that is sure to catch eyes all over!

That’s not all though, there’s also a new classic mold for 2013, a dapple grey Morab Mariah who is the horse of 2013! Collectors will also be excited by a collection of six new stablemates in bright, bold and glittery colors!

Bringing a fun new group of models to collectors, Breyer is already making 2013 a year to remember! The only question is, where to start?


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