Real Life Breyer Horses: Learning Through Models

Breyers are some of the most realistic model horses in the world. With an intense eye for detail along with the most skilled artisans, Breyer creates model horses that are almost real enough to breathe. One amazing thing about Breyers is just what you can learn about their real life counterparts through them! All Traditional scale Breyers even come with a collectors card to teach you all about them.

Many of the horses produced by Breyer are real horses, anywhere from championship Olympic horses to a Pony Club mount, all kinds of horses end up in the Breyer lineup each year. Through these horses, collectors can experience a myriad of different disciplines! This provides a great and easy way for you to learn about all different types of equestrian sports. From reining to showjumping, there’s a Breyer that’s ready to teach you all about the sport!

There are also dozens of different breeds produced by Breyer each year. From the smallest scale to the largest, Breyers come in a huge variety of different breeds. Many people only get to experience a small number of different breeds in real life, but with Breyers you can get to experience a little bit of just about any breed imaginable!

The fun doesn’t stop there though. Breyer has found a way for collectors to experience what it’s like to have their own stable and care for their horses through their extensive line of accessories. Created in near exact likeness of their full size counterparts, everything from blankets to feeding supplies have been created in scale for your Breyers. With these, collectors can get the feel of what it really is like to care for an animal even if they never can experience it in real life.

Breyer has long been committed to creating the most realistic model horses. Collectors can experience the world through their models. The next time you get a new horse from Golden Oak Stables take a moment to remember just how close to real life your model is!


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