Breyer Horse Collecting: Breeds Of The Classic Stable

The second largest Breyer size, Classics are 1:12 scale and have been a favorite for collectors for nearly 40 years! These beautiful horses span the wide variety of real horse breeds just as their traditional counterparts do! Golden Oak Stables brings to you the myriad of breeds that make up the Classics Collection!

No matter what your favorite type of horse, there’s probably a classic that will have you excited to collect it. For the Arabian fans there is both a beautiful bay Arabian Stallion as well as a red chestnut Part Arabian Appaloosa Mare. Both of these lovely horses bring the world of the Arabian horse to a lovely little classic just waiting to be collected!

Sport horse fans will love the grey Selle Francais Mare. Her sweet disposition and athletic build will have her ready for a day of eventing training! There’s also a black Thoroughbred who you could see anywhere from the racetrack to the a local show. The Thoroughbred breed is a versatile one to say the least!

Stock horse fans can live out their fantasies with a beautiful metallic Buckskin Paint Horse. Ready to gallop around the barrels or through the wild west he’s the perfect mount for just about anything and with his dynamic galloping position he’s got energy to spare! You can then mount up on him and head out looking for the Silver Bay Mustang Mare. This lovely mare brings the wild mustangs of the wild west to your stable!

A popular mount for children and adults alike, the Chestnut Halflinger Mare is a sweet and lovely lady that is sure to be a favorite mount in your stable. With her calm gait and expression everyone will be excited to mount up! Stunning in both color and flash, the Grullo Morgan is a breed that is  beloved by many. With their flashy looks and wonderful personalities there’s no question as to why people love the Morgan so much!

These are just the beginnings of the many horses that make up the Classics Collection! With their fun and easy to collect size, there’s no reason not to add them to your stable! With accessories, tack and even barns you can get everything you need to complete your stable!


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