Breyer Horse Classics: Butterfly Kisses

February 12, 2015

One of the most popular type of Breyer horses are decorators, and in the fifty years since they were introduced decorators have evolved and grown into one of the most popular type of models that collectors love to collect! This year, a new decorator comes into the Breyer lineup, but the decorators are not without an interesting history!

The first decorators were produced in the late 1950’s and were painted to look like they were carved from wood. These models became affectionately known as Woodgrain models and were popular among home decorators, giving decorators their name! Many horse lovers were attracted to this style because of not only the realistic sculpting, but because they could be so easily incorporated into your home’s style. In the early 1960’s the most colorful decorators came into the Breyer world, and they aren’t without a story. Wedgewood and Copehagen blue models and Gold Charm and Filigree models both made their debut in the early 1960’s as the next incarnation of the decorator horses. The surprise came when these models failed to become popular with collectors and were quickly discontinued. Because of this, they are some of the most desirable Breyer models ever collected and are highly prized today.

By the late 1960’s the decorators had slowly waned in popularity and were quietly discontinued. The surprise came in the 1990’s when Breyer began releasing decorators again, seeing the popularity among collectors! Since then, new Woodgrains, Wedgewood, Copenhagen, Gold Charm and Filigree models have all been produced, along with a whole new world of creativity that brings decorators into the new millennium!

Butterfly Kisses comes into Golden Oak Stables with a decorator style all it’s own. Painted in a color scheme of light blue and white, this lightly shaded model is the perfect canvas for a stunning decorator model. Across the barrel of this beautiful horse, a scene of bright and colorful butterflies flitters past!

With a long and colorful past, decorators are fun to collect and beautiful to display. Do you have any decorators?

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Breyer Horse Collecting: Old Molds and New Molds

October 21, 2013

Collectors have a myriad of different terms that are used for many things in the hobby. There’s abbreviations, codes, terms and more that have made their way into the model horse collecting vocabulary. One of those terms has evolved over time to mean something new for the newest generation of collectors, New Mold and Old Mold. Do you know what they mean?

In the early days of Breyer collecting there was very little variation in the molds produced by Breyer. Any collector that was active before the 1990’s can tell you that there weren’t many models, and the colors didn’t change very often. During that time, it was a huge surprise for collectors when a new color was released and even more so when a new mold was released! This changed in the 1990’s with new technology and changes in collecting. New molds became available and became more frequent for collectors. New molds had once only been released once in a blue moon, but now collectors were able to add at least one, if not several new molds to their collection each year! This also was the time when Breyer brought new sculptors to collectors, many of which were talented hobby artists and collectors themselves.

With the latest generation of collectors, this time period has become the era that separates new molds from old molds. Old molds are generally thought of as sometimes having vintage qualities while new molds have one of an artistic touch. Both are still used often today and both are still loved and collected by collectors all over the world. Breyer has had fun with some older molds lately, releasing horses like the Western Pony with a vintage feel and the Appaloosa Performance Horse with a super realistic and updated paint job, giving him a stunning new look.

Do you prefer one over the other? Or is your collection a mix? Pay attention to the next horse you pick out from Golden Oak Stables to see what you collect most!


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Breyer Horse New Releases: Vintage Western Pony

November 1, 2012

Collectors old and new can get excited about a new release for 2013 with a vintage feel! Second in a series, Golden Oak Stables brings you a mold that’s long been a favorite of collectors with a new and striking feel sure to capture the attention of collectors everywhere!

Introduced nearly 60 years ago in 1956, the Western Pony is one of Breyer’s first molds! Very similar to the larger Western Horse, the Western Pony has long been a favorite for collectors. The Western Pony has always come with a molded on bridle, chain reins and a saddle of his own. These details were popular in the 1950’s for both play and display. Collectors still love these charming details that the Western Pony sports. With his vintage feel and long history, the Western Pony became a collectors favorite many years ago but now collectors new and old can add a new one to their collection.

The Vintage Western Pony is the second in a series that aims to make vintage new again! Created in a stunning spotted appaloosa pattern the Vintage Western Pony is sure to draw attention wherever he goes. With a beautiful shaded splatter chestnut coat his color is both interesting and realistic. His blanket appaloosa design gives this little pony the right look and feel for a horse out on the ranch. His saddle and bridle have been painted in shades of brown with golden details that make them shine in the sun. A heavy gloss coating gives him the vintage feel collectors will remember from that time period. Before 1970 most Breyers were coated with a heavy gloss coating, this has become a favorite feature for many collectors. Lastly he comes with a blue ribbon sticker giving him the final vintage detail.

The Vintage Western Pony is a fun way to go back in time with Breyer and bring a wonderful new, but vintage piece into your collection!


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Breyer Horse New Releases: 2013 Models Are On Their Way!

October 29, 2012

Each year Breyer creates new models that capture the spirit of the horse and the amazing world that they live in! This fall Breyer has released their first group of new horses for 2013 and it’s an exciting group to say the least! From real champions to collectors favorites, this group will have you galloping into Golden Oak Stables for your chance to bring them into your stable.

Breyer has long brought real stars of the equine world to collectors and horse lovers all over the world. From champion eventers to race horses, these horses come to find their way to glory through  becoming the best horses in their sport. This year is no different, Breyer brings both the racing legend Native Dancer and cow horse Topsails Rien Maker to collectors! Both of these horses have made their way into the history books and each are waiting to come home with collectors.

A horse that is no stranger to being in the history books is Sergeant Reckless. This little pony is famous for her work in the Korean war carrying ammunition and wounded solders. She may be small but this little mare was a big part of her division and shows just how close the bond between man and horse is!

Collectors will be overjoyed by the addition of an old favorite into the lineup a Western Pony! One of the very first Breyer models, this mold has long been a favorite of collectors. He’s been painted in a fun and flashy appaloosa pattern that is sure to catch eyes all over!

That’s not all though, there’s also a new classic mold for 2013, a dapple grey Morab Mariah who is the horse of 2013! Collectors will also be excited by a collection of six new stablemates in bright, bold and glittery colors!

Bringing a fun new group of models to collectors, Breyer is already making 2013 a year to remember! The only question is, where to start?


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Breyer Horse Collecting: Rarity

March 5, 2012

One of the most fun things about collecting Breyer horses is the challenge of finding that horse that you’ve been looking for. Breyer produces dozens of horses each year and some of them end up being harder to find than other for any number of factors!

Rarity is how difficult to acquire an object is to acquire. With Breyers being made for over 60 years you can imagine that there’s some pretty difficult to find horses that have been created in that time. It isn’t always the oldest horses that are the rarest though, some of the most desirable Breyers have been produced recently.

There are many factors that go into determining how “rare” a Breyer horse is, the most important is desirability. How many people want this horse compared to how many people have it? Sometimes a model is retired before many collectors get a chance to add the horse to their collection so that model becomes rare, sometimes Breyer produces only a limited number of a particular model or maybe it’s just a very popular model among collectors and horse lovers alike! Occasionally Breyer produces limited run horses and special run horses that are only available for a certain amount of time or through a certain retailer. Many times these models can be difficult to find.

Golden Oak Stables brings you the full line of Breyers to add to your stable but also features a wide variety of vintage and hard to find models if you want to add something special to your collection! Retired models are often desirable because they aren’t being produced anymore and as collectors look to add these models to their collections, they become rarer and rarer!

As a collector its hard to tell which models are going to be “rare” and which ones will be easier to find, it’s really just a game of waiting to see. The most important thing when collecting is buying what you love and filling your stable with models that are important to you! It doesn’t matter how rare the horse is if you don’t love it, but with how beautiful Breyer horses are, it’s not hard to love all of them!


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Breyer Horse New Releases: Pinto Prancer

January 12, 2012

Vintage is always in style, and Breyer vintage models are always a collectors dream! The beauty of a vintage model comes not only from its rarity but with its style from time gone by. As years pass Breyer has created new models, new techniques and new horses along the way, you can step back in time with Breyer and Golden Oak Stables with the vintage horse of your dreams!

Pinto Prancer is a lovely model that goes back to nearly the beginning of Breyer’s creation. Created in the 1950’s after the famous literary star Fury, Fury Prancer is a mold that was popular with his dynamic pose. He was often the mount of a famous cowboy or rider and came with his own saddle and molded on bridle. Prancer was produced in many different colors throughout the 50’s and 60’s but hasn’t seen much stable time in recent years. That is, until now!

New for 2012 Breyer brings us the iconic Prancer created in a perfectly retro 1950’s paint scheme! This deep caramel colored pinto is a stunning representation of the vintage “Honey Bay” coat color many collectors know and love so well. This color was popular in the 1950’s and 1960’s among Breyer’s and still is very popular among collectors today.

He is finished in a glossy coat which is also a vintage staple. Many Breyers created before 1970 came with a highly glossed coat. Breyer has since brought back glossies by popular demand, but these vintage beauties are still where it originated from and are still very popular for that glistening coat.

Prancer’s good looks don’t stop there. His deep mane and tail look perfect with his caramel coat color and large white pinto markings accent his coat. Breyer took it to the next level re-creating the original pinto markings that vintage collectors will recognize immediately! Four white socks and bright grey hooves finish off his perfectly vintage style.

Being re-created to a T isn’t easy and this guy’s style is beyond compare! But, if you think it stops there you’re wrong! Prancer comes in a vintage inspired box with graphics from the early days of Breyer.

Truly a collector’s piece, Prancer is sure to be a favorite among many! No vintage detail was too small to remember with this amazing guy. Bring a little vintage to your stable!

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Breyer Horse Holiday: Vintage Holiday Horses

November 21, 2011

For 15 years Breyer has created a beautiful limited edition Holiday Horse and accessories each and every year to deck our halls with! This year is no exception with Winter Belle, but Golden Oak Stables has a great vintage selection to help you fill out your collection if you’ve missed a horse or ornament over the years!

Noelle is the Christmas horse from 2008 and this beautiful cream colored draft horse is beautiful beyond compare! With a lightly pearlessent  finish her shining coat is striking as light flickers off of her coat. Her glittery base is the perfect amount of shimmer and sugarplum straight from the north pole. Decorated in a sheer and shimmery costume, Noelle is decked in her holiday finest. A hunter green seat and golden saddle blanket are accented with snowflake details that dangle along her body. A golden beaded bridle looks beautiful on her kind face and bells line the reins. A large feather plume sits atop her head finishing off her perfectly royal style this holiday season.

Nutcracker Prince is the 2009 Holiday Horse and this spunky Arabian stallion is full of holiday spirit. This high action guy is decked from head to toe in perfect red and green style. A felted blanket covers his back and a golden strap crosses his front and back. Bells are attached along the straps and jingle as he trots along. Embroidery details all throughout the blanket and golden beads give the perfect touch of elegance. Ribbons trail through his large mane and tail giving him such a dynamic feel. A golden and velvet bridle with a matching plume finish his holiday style! But don’t forget the ornaments that he carries with him, a nutcracker and ballerina!

Don’t forget to take a moment to take a look at the Vintage Ornament Collection, there’s bound to be an ornament missing from your tree! No matter what Breyer you choose to celebrate the holidays with, there’s no wrong choice! Full of holiday spirit there’s always a model for every stable and every tree!


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Breyer Horse Collecting: Fun With Vintage

May 16, 2011

Over the past 60 years Breyer has created thousands of different models and hundreds of different molds. At any time there are a myriad of different models in the current Breyer lineup but if you’re looking for a real challenge, collecting vintage is where its at!

When you decide to collect vintage one of the first things you’ll figure out is that condition is the most important thing and that finding a mint vintage model is a challenge in itself. Vintage models are often played with so you’ll need to take care to purchase models that meet your needs. If you like to live show, finding mint models will be of utmost importance. Take care to choose models that are free from flaws or choosing models that haven’t been played with. There is no model that will ever be absolutely mint, but models that haven’t been played with are a good start to finding a beautiful show model.

Another fun thing about collecting vintage is being able to get models of your favorite molds. Often Breyer will change the color of a mold many times in its life. Some models have dozens of different colors to collect which can be fun. Collectors often refer to collecting all the colors of one model as a “Conga Line” because of the appearance when they are all lined up on a shelf together. Finding variations is also a spin off of this type of collecting. Breyer models are all individually painted and variations happen, especially in vintage models. Some collectors have dozens of all one model just because of variations, its addicting to say the least!

Breyer has released thousands of different models, and while we might not be able to own them all, we can certainly add some interesting and beautiful vintage models to our collections. Golden Oak Stables has one of the most amazing inventories of Vintage models that are all in un-circulated collection! You can be the first to cut off those ties and take your new model out of the box! With dozens of models, you’re sure to find a model you can’t live without!


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Breyer Horse Holidays: Retired and Hard To Find Stock!

December 6, 2010

Breyer releases a large variety of wonderful holiday items each and every year, and if you are like me, you can’t always get every piece you would like. Well, Golden Oak Stables comes to the rescue! They have a large selection of retired Holiday items ready to complete your Breyer holiday collection!

From ornaments to sets, Golden Oak Stables’ Retired Holiday outlet is simply stuffed to the brim with a huge variety of Breyer Christmas favorites. You can still complete your Holiday Horse collection with Noel, the beautiful cream colored draft horse with a gorgeous holiday outfit and is ready to canter into your home! You can also still bring home Nutcracker Prince, the Huckleberry Bey holiday horse from 2009! This high prancing, bright white, Arabian stallion wears a bright green costume that carries ornaments from The Nutcracker. You can still wait for Santa as well with Breyer’s Waiting for Santa set. This sweet set includes everything to make every little girl’s dream Christmas seem real. With a little girl dressed in her red horse pajamas this set creates the perfect image of Christmas morning, right down to the miniature horse that the girl finds waiting for her under her tree!

Ornaments also abound through Golden Oak Stables, and one of the hardest to find series is still available! The Beautiful Breeds set is one of the most collected Breyer ornament sets and you can still bring home two of them! The Clydesdale is an amazing porcelain rendition of one of the most astounding breeds around. This gentle giant even wears red and green ribbons for the occasion! The Beautiful Breeds Andalusian from 2009 is a stunning portrait of this amazing Spanish breed. With his high gaited walk and his authentic Spanish outfit, the Andalusian is a beauty in grey that will brighten up any tree!

No matter what your taste, there’s a holiday horse for you! From Traditionals all the way down to ornaments and accessories, the Golden Oak Stables Holiday Outlet is stuffed full! Take a look today!


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Breyer Horses: Golden Oak Stables’ Vintage Outlet!

December 3, 2010

Looking for something special? Perhaps a special gift that no one else will be able to get? A new show horse that you can’t find just anywhere? Well have you checked out the Golden Oak  Stables’ Vintage Outlet recently? Golden Oak Stables’ Vintage Outlet is stuffed with pristine, unopened, retired Breyer horses, and these are just a few of them.

Created by the beloved Kathleen Moody, Romance is a beautiful and fanciful Huckleberry Bey done in a fantasy theme. With images of princesses and princes, as well as other fairy tale scenes, Romance is sweet as can be and an amazing decorator to boot. This wonderful horse is difficult to find and quite unique, it is the only decorator that Breyer has created with such an elaborate scene!

The classic story of Justin Morgan is created on a stunning prancing Morgan fondly known as the Sherman Morgan mold and includes a copy of this wonderful novel. Considered one of the most important breeds in the United States, the Morgan is a popular and cherished by many people! You can bring home the story of the first Morgan as well as a beautiful Breyer created in his likeness.

If you’d really like to put a present under the tree that will brighten anyone’s tired eyes on Christmas Morning, the Pegasus Treasure Hunt Set is a set of five models, four mustangs and a Pegasus. The four mustangs include a red dun appaloosa, a metallic dun, a bay pinto and a stunning rose grey. These for models were required to redeem for the coveted Pegasus, which is included in this set! This difficult to find set will surely become a beloved part of any collection.

No matter what your collection looks like or what your favorite model is, any of the wonderful models in the Vintage Outlet will make your collection that much more special! Bring home a special piece today!


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