Breyer Horse Events: What Is Live Showing?

March 6, 2017

You might have heard the term “Live Showing” around the model horse corral once or twice. It’s a big part of the model horse community, but sounds pretty confusing when you think about the word “Live” and model horses.

Live Showing is simply an in person event that Breyer collectors hold and attend, where their models are brought to be judged. Because the event takes place in person, these events have been dubbed “Live Shows”. The idea of competition for Breyer horses is just about as old as collecting itself. The first live shows began in the 1960’s and 1970’s and were much less formal from the ones we know today. Most of these shows were held in people’s homes or back yards and were advertised in hobby publications and through word of mouth.

In the decades to come, live showing grew as did the hobby itself. In the 1980’s shows became more formalized, and small clubs began to form and shows became established. ┬áIn the 1990’s Breyerfest began and brought a large show along with it. In the mid 1990’s a group of hobbyists came together to form The North American Model Horse Showers Association, or NAMHSA as its better known and began holding a yearly national show each year.

Now, live shows can be found all over the country, and all over the world! But things are always changing, with the arrival of the internet, online events like photo shows and videos are taking the model horse world by storm.

If there’s anything for certain at Golden Oak Stables, it’s that things are always changing, but the love of collecting never will!


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Breyer Horse Events: The Real Horses Of Breyerfest

August 1, 2016

One of the biggest draws of Breyerfest is the chance to see the real horses behind the models and dozens of other real life horses. The Kentucky Horse Park has resident horses that span the gamut of horse breeds as well as famous horses that have come to retire there. This is an opportunity that doesn’t come around very often!

Breyerfest also brings in dozens of horses, many of them famous in their own right, to entertain guests from around the world. No other event brings together such a wide variety of horses from so many disciplines and different areas of the equine world. Guests get the chance to see them perform their talents in performances throughout the weekend, as well as meeting them up close and personally!

So sit back with Golden Oak Stables and take a look at some of the beautiful horses from Breyerfest 2016



















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Breyer Horse Events: Breyerfest Live 2016

July 28, 2016

One of the most exciting parts of Breyerfest is the competition that comes with the model horse shows that come along with it. This year was especially special with the North American Nationals happening in Lexington, which meant, the competition at other shows were even more fierce!

The largest show in the world, Breyerfest Live took place on the first day of Breyerfest and it was not only an opportunity to compete but to also see models that you may have only heard about in rumors! The rarest of the rare, the most elusive customs and the most impressive original finish models all came to compete in Lexington for a chance in the winner’s circle.

This show is unlike so many others, and actually operates like six shows in one with all of the different divisions and classes. There were hundreds of classes that over six thousand horses competed in for a chance at the elusive blue ribbon. There is no doubt about it, this is some of the most competitive competition in the world!

So sit back with Golden Oak Stables and enjoy just a few of the many impressive scenes from Breyerfest Live 2016













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Breyer Horse Events: Scenes From Around Breyerfest 2016

July 25, 2016

The heat was hot in Lexington Kentucky both temperature wise and with the fun that Breyerfest Carnival brought! The crowds were thick and the horses were beautiful and impressive all around. So sit back with Golden Oak Stables and enjoy some scenes from around Breyerfest 2016!


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Breyer Horse Events: Scenes From NAN 2016

July 21, 2016

The North American Nationals is in its final day and as competition wraps up, take a minute to look through some photos of the first two days. Competition has been fierce and each class has been filled to the brim with amazing horses that will take anyone’s breath away. The top tens and national champions that have been awarded are well earned and will be remembered for years to come! Come along with Golden Oak Stables to the North American Nationals 2016!
















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Breyer Horse Events: The Biggest Week In Model Horses!

July 18, 2016

It’s that time of year, the most exciting for model horse fans around the world, Breyerfest is here! But what makes this week even more exciting is the North American Nationals is coming to Lexington too, making it an incredible week full of model horse fun!

Once a year the North American Model Horse Showers Association holds a show to name the national champions in model horse showing. This year, the show comes to Lexington Kentucky in the days leading up to Breyerfest. For three days, thousands of horses will compete for hundreds of top tens, champions and reserve champions under the most experienced judges in the world. There’s also a yearly meeting that will announce the winner of the Member Show Of The Year and the newly elected members of the Board Of Directors!

Friday begins Breyerfest proper, and this year a Carnivale theme is getting everyone excited for the Olympics and Brazil! With a brand new sculpture for the celebration model, three model horse shows, contests and more, it’s no surprise that tickets for the weekend have sold out! There’s seminars, workshops, pony rides and that doesn’t even begin to consider the amazing Kentucky Horse Park itself! It’s a horse lover’s paradise!

Lexington is the place to be this week, but Golden Oak Stables will be taking you there from the comfort of your home. So sit back, relax and come to Kentucky with us!



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Breyer Horse Events: Breyerfest 2016

June 30, 2016

Breyerfest is the annual festival celebrating both the horse and our love of model horses. This year celebrates both the 27th year for Breyerfest as well as the country of Brazil and the celebration of Carnival!

Brazil is a perfect choice for Breyerfest for two reasons, not only is the country rich in equestrian history, it also is playing host to the 2016 Olympic games in Rio. This year, equestrians and other athletes will descend on Rio to compete for the gold metal. Collectors will descend on Lexington, KY in July for a celebration of model horses with a Brazilian twist!

Collectors can compete in their own version of the Olympics with the North American Nationals that lead up to Breyerfest in the days before the event. Then collectors can compete in either an open or children’s model horse show during Breyerfest. These shows are some of the toughest in the world, and just like the Olympic Games will declare champions on all levels!

In addition there are exceptional guest horses, workshops, seminars and the beautiful Kentucky Horse Park to thrill guests for three full days in the Kentucky Bluegrass. No matter what you enjoy as a hobbyist there’s events and activities that will fill your time in Kentucky with wonderful memories!

Golden Oak Stables will bring you the coverage from Breyerfest to you, so even if you can’t be there, you can experience it yourself!


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