Breyer Horse Events: Breyerfest 2011 Is Fast Approaching!

March 31, 2011

In less than four months model horse collectors from all over the world will embark on a journey from all corners of the country and world to their final destination, Lexington, Kentucky. Each year Breyer takes over the Kentucky Horse Park and brings equine stars from all over to create a wonderful event that enchants people of all ages! There are events for everyone, from novice to longtime collector and Breyer has given us every reason to get excited about this year!

The theme for this year’s  Breyerfest is “Fairytales” and Breyer has lots of interesting things planned already to excite and amaze! The celebration horse, or guest of honor is Pecos, a stunning Andalusian that is a relative of a Breyer horse from many decades ago, Legionario III! Legionario was created by Breyer in 1979 and is a favorite amongst many vintage collectors! Pecos is being created on the very popular Esprit mold in a beautiful light dapple grey that shines with light and energy!

There’s still plenty of time to enter the world class model horse shows  that Breyer puts on. There are shows for all ages, Children, Youth and Adults. The Childrens/Youth show takes place on Saturday and is a day full of friendly competition and learning on the forefront! This is the largest show of its kind in the nation and very competitive but its friendly enough that even first time showers will feel comfortable. The Adult show is the pinnacle of Breyer horse showing with the very best of the best coming to Kentucky to show off their marvelous models! Visit Breyer’s Website to find out more information!

There are workshops that take place all day long at Breyerfest where collectors can learn hands on how to create amazing models and learn new skills which they can put towards their talents in the hobby. With over a dozen workshops that span the different media’s of collecting, tackmaking, prop making and various other fun activities you can learn, the possibilities are endless! Be sure to act fast if you’d like to attend one of these workshops because they sell out quickly!

If you’d like to attend Breyerfest this year grab your ticket soon! The price goes up April first and if you purchase your ticket prior to that you are entered to win a very rare and elusive Breyer model! So its worth it to purchase early! Stay tuned to Golden Oak Stables’ Stable News for all the information you might need and coverage like always from Breyerfest! We’ll bring you all the action!


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Breyer Horse New Releases: What Color Will Rainbow Be?

March 28, 2011

Breyer has surprised us again with a wonderful Treasure Hunt for 2011! This surprise was two fold though, with the release of a new mold by the lovely Brigitte Eberl. If this wasn’t enough to get your excited, Rainbow, the redemption model is still a surprise!  What color do you think she’ll be?

The Weather Girls are out in the hands of collectors now and getting rave reviews from collectors all over the world! The three lovely colors are all gorgeous and beautiful as can be! The lovely “Sunny” is a gorgeous and bright shade of slightly metallic palomino that shimmers in the sun! Partially Cloudy is a wonderful grey dapple pinto  that is bold and very beautiful! The rare Thunderstorm is the hardest to find in the group and a stunning shade of shaded black that is just so gorgeous!

With all of those lovely models, its hard to imagine what Rainbow will be. Could it be very literal and be an amazing rainbow colored decorator? If it is, perhaps its an appaloosa, or a pinto! Even a solid color rainbow horse will be bold and gorgeous! Perhaps Breyer is thinking of the horse rainbow and we’ll get a realistic color horse. If that’s the case it could be any color, or a combination of many! Breyer has produced multiple prize models before, so one thought is that there might be one real horse color that matches up with each color of the rainbow! She could also be painted in a gold charm, like the pot of gold at the bottom of the rainbow as in Irish tradition! The mind could go crazy thinking of all the possibilities!

No matter what she is, the Weather Girl treasure hunt is one not to miss! You only have a few months to grab her, because after this year she’s going to be locked in the Breyer Vault for 5 years! Until 2016! Don’t miss your chance and visit Golden Oak Stables today to grab your set and find out what the rainbow holds for you! I know I’m anxiously awaiting the secret to this mystery! What color do you think she’ll be?


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Breyer Horse Collecting: Storing Your Breyers

March 24, 2011

In an ideal world all Breyer collectors would have a room dedicated to their models with shelves that cover the walls!  In reality we often have a few more models than we have room for, and have to make choices about who gets to live our on the shelves and who has to be put away. Its important to pack your models with a great amount of care though when you do choose who to put away because damage is possible!

Breyers are created out of plastic and can become damaged from being stored with other plastics, so one of the most important things to do is avoid wrapping your original finish models in plastic bags. Plastics sometimes don’t interact well and that is the case of plastic grocery bags and Breyers. Bags can stick and print from the bags can transfer onto the model creating stains that are permanent. Speaking of  stains, avoid wrapping your Breyers in newspaper or other printed materials as well because inks will seep onto the plastic and can stain. The best thing to wrap your models in is cotton fabric. This is available at most fabric stores as “Muslin” (I prefer the unbleached muslin) or you can use clean, old, teeshirts.  Original Finish models are fairly durable, but its a good idea to wrap them with a little bit more to keep them safe. If you can wrap them in a little fleece or bubblewrap after wrapping them in cotton, you’ll be doing yourself a favor in the long run!

Custom horses are a bit more difficult. Often the best first protection for these is a plastic covering of some sort due to the fragile nature of paints. Fabric easily sticks to custom paint jobs and can be very difficult to repair, so in this case, plastic is the better of two evils so to speak. Choose your bag carefully though! Printing on a bag can cause stains!

Once you have your models wrapped, choose a container with care. A very sturdy cardboard box is a good choice but a plastic storage container is an even better one. The type with a snap on lid that will keep moisture and any potential pests out is crucial and will save you a headache in the future.

Where to put that box is probably the most important part of all though! If possible, keep your models in a closet on the main level of your home where the temperature stays away from extremes. Avoid the attic as heat can cause models to develop seam splits and warpage. Heat is the the greatest enemy of Breyers! If the attic and the basement are the only choices, the basement will be the better choice but be sure to store them in a dry part of your basement away from drafts.

No matter what you do, choose your storage with care and you can keep your Breyers from Golden Oak Stables lovely from now until the end of time. A little care goes a long way!


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Real Life Breyer Horses: Kentucky Derby Fever Is Here!

March 21, 2011

The “Road To The Derby” has started and with the start of spring starts thoughts of the “Most Exciting Two Minutes In Sports”.  Thoroughbred fanatics have been awaiting this day for many months and the stars of the race are beginning to shine already!  Racing fans have been keeping a close eye on the early races of the year and a few horses in the Kentucky Derby field have already shown a great amount of promise!

The most highly followed horse in the Kentucky Derby field is probably Uncle Mo! This lovely Bay colt trained by the wonderful Todd Pletcher has won all four of his races that he has been entered in and has been training in lovely time! With the champion jockey John Velazquez atop him, he’s a very strong contender for this year’s Run For The Roses. John Velazquez hasn’t been able to clench a Derby himself yet, so you know he’ll be riding hard to grab that long desired trip to the winners circle and blanket of roses for his mount, Uncle Mo!

Soldat is another very strong contender in the Kentucky Derby field this year. A deep and dark bay horse with speed on his side, Soldat has won or placed in all of his races so far and shows great promise! He’s got speed and stamina on his side so the Derby trip should be an easy one for him. He’s trained by Kieran McLaughlin who’s seen success in Breeders Cup races as well as other notable wins.  His jockey is the wonderful Alan Garcia who won a Triple Crown race in the form of the 2008 Belmont where he upset Big Brown’s Triple Crown run. Quite the accomplishment!

These are only two of the field that is packed tight with exciting and talented horses for the 2011 Kentucky Derby! We may not be able to own a race horse or even attend the Derby, but we can have a stable of famous race horses with Golden Oak Stables and Breyer! Even the most famous of horses can live within our walls, how fun is that?


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Breyer Horse Showing: Looking For A Live Show?

March 17, 2011

Spring is here, the snow is melting and the grass is growing green again! With the warm weather comes the beginning of the the model (and real) horse show season! For veteran showers you already know where some shows are, since they tend to be held year after year, but sometimes live shows are hard to find, especially if you don’t know where to look! Here’s a few places that should make your search easier!

One of the biggest resources on the internet is The North American Model Horse Shows Association(NAMHSA for short). This national agency is a group that mandates model horse shows and approves them to be “NAN Qualified” which means that they meet all the standards set forth by NAMHSA! Shows that can be found on NAMHSA’s website are NAN Qualified and held in high regard and are typically well attended. You can view the Upcoming Shows Link to view all member shows by Date, Region or Name. While you’re on NAMHSA’s site, take a moment to visit the  “Contact NAMHSA” section and look for your region. There are 11 Regions in North America and each one has a representative as well as  a  message group which will keep you in the loop for model horse shows and help you connect with other hobbyists in your area!

The other place to help you find live shows is! !n their “Events” section you’ll find a map of the United States and when you click on your area, all of the events that have been registered with Breyer will pop up!  Not everyone chooses to list their show with Breyer, so don’t depend on this as your only resource, but many shows do!

There are also other places to look for live shows including online model horse forums and hobby publications, but NAMHSA and are your two biggest resources when it comes to finding events in your area! As always, if you are in the New England area, plan a trip to one of Golden Oak Stables events for 2011! They are beyond compare and always popular as can be! An absolute “Not To Miss”!


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Breyer Horse Events: Breyerfest Live Shows & Workshops 2011

March 14, 2011

Are you headed to Breyerfest this year? The time is here to start sending in your entries for not only Breyerfest’s live shows but also the fun and educational workshops!

Breyerfest Live and the Breyerfest Child/Youth show are two of the most competitive and educational shows in the country. Pinning the best against the best, people visit from all over the country and world to compete for bragging rights as the champions of Breyerfest 2011! The Child/Youth show is competitive in its own right with over 100 entrants, but is a wonderful opportunity to learn about the wonderful world of Breyer horses and model horse showing! Many first time showers enter the Breyerfest Child/Youth show and find their passion for showing, so don’t let the sheer number discourage you!

You also don’t want to forget about the wonderful and educational workshops that you can enter for Breyerfest 2011! You can learn everything from how to customize your model horses to Judging 101!  There are classes for learning to make an Arabian halter, or a Western tack set. You can learn how to sculpt your own manes and tails on your wonderful customs or make a love fantasy flocked model, two things you can’t learn anywhere else!

Entries for both the Breyerfest Live Shows and the Workshops are now open, so don’t delay, get those entires in the mail soon. In previous years these events have sold out very quickly and are quite popular, so you don’t want to miss your chance! Don’t forget to grab your Breyerfest tickets while your at it. All entries before April 1st are entered to win a very limited model, a chance you don’t want to miss! All the information can be found on!

If you can’t get to Breyerfest there’s always other model horse events you can get to, including Golden Oak’s Stables’ popular series of live shows! Don’t miss out on your chance to get involved in some fierce competition and learn about the wonderful world of Breyer Horses!


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Breyer Horse Showing: Picking The Perfect Breed 2

March 10, 2011

Monday’s article covered the basics of picking a breed for your beloved Breyer but there’s a few other tips we’d love to bring you so that you can bring home those blue ribbons!

Sometimes you’ll see a show entrant that has lots of breeds that you’ve never heard of that she’s assigned her horses. This is a very common thing to do and can be a lot of fun! It can also be a mistake if not done properly.  Rare breeds can get you noticed in the show ring, for better or for worse, so when picking these very hard to find breeds, you have to not only have strong documentation, but also make sure your horse looks exactly like the breed description as well as any reference photos. When you are using a rare breed spend the time to research both in books and online, you’ll want to find multiple sources for your information because misinformation happens all the time! Use reliable resources to choose your rare breeds and you’ll be in the blues!

You’ll also want to pay attention to the position your horse is in and how the mane and tail are styled. If a horse is being shown as a Missouri Fox Trotter, you’ll need to make sure he’s trotting like Missouri Fox Trotters do! Norwegian Fjords typically wear a mane that is cut in a specific way where it stands straight on end, you’ll never see a Fjord enter a real life show ring without their mane cut properly and a model shouldn’t ether.  Pay attention to the little details and this will help you on your way to the championship.

Speaking of little, minis are some of the most popular show models for some people and are growing in popularity each and ever day! Take a good look at those little guys before picking a breed and pay close attention to their details. If you need to get a magnifying glass to see the details, go ahead and do it! They are so tiny that its difficult to see all those tiny details! Breyer gives almost every Stablemate a breed which fits them well, but don’t feel stuck in picking one of those breeds, but also don’t go crazy and think too far outside of the box, sometime’s Breyer is perfect in their choices!

So spend a little time researching and have a blast learning about all of the interesting breeds of the world before your next show. If you’re in the New England area, you’re in luck, Golden Oak Stables has a calendar full of events for you this year including model horse shows! Be sure not to miss them!


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Breyer Horse Showing: Choosing The Perfect Breed

March 7, 2011

Spring is less than three weeks away and with spring comes warmer weather and model horse shows! One of the most popular divisions for model horse shows is the Breed Division. In this division, horses are judged exactly like their real life counterparts on the same breed standards that all of the large breed organizations do at their shows. Model Horse show attendees need to spend some time prior to the show picking the perfect breeds for their models to bring home the blues. This isn’t always the easiest task, but it can be very fun and rewarding when you bring home the blue!

Some Breyers are very easy to pick a breed for, models that have gaits or positions that are only present in a certain breed limit the choices of the model, don’t let that limit you though! Models like “Silver” and “Nakota” are both in positions that are popular for wild horses but they both can by many more breeds than a Mustang. Be careful though and don’t get too creative, stay safe with safe breed choices and don’t think too far out of the box!

Your first step to finding a breed is heading to your local library. Head on over to the “Pets” section and check out a few books on horse breeds. Reading more than one book is important, specifically for rare breeds is key. Rare breeds are often only known by one or two photos and because all horses are different, even within the same breed, going by one horse as the breed standard isn’t a good idea. Look for a breed for your horse that matches not only the photo but also the description of the breed. Often times books will go into details about the bone structure of the horse, pay close attention to this. All breeds have distinctive features which you should pay attention to. Arabians are known for their dished profiles and Tennessee Walking Horses are known for their gait, these are just a few of the many examples to pay close attention to.

One of the most important things when picking a horse breed is to pay attention to coat color! Breed registries regularly only permit certain colors for certain breeds. Many breed organizations have restrictions against pinto or appaloosa patterns, or dilute colors , so read those restrictions carefully.

Once you’ve taken a look in a few books, travel on over to the internet and visit the breed organization to read their “Breed Standards”. A quick search in a search engine will pull up breed organizations very easily and once you have an idea, this will give you the best, most direct information. Another place to get information from breed organizations is to visit horse expos. Expos such as Equine Affaire are large scale events where all kinds of breed organizations are present and frequently pass out free information on their breed, so taking a trip once in a while to an expo can prove very educational!

Get a little creative and do a little research and you’ll have your next champion! If you’re in the New England area, you’re in luck, Golden Oak Stables has a calendar full of events for you this year including model horse shows! Be sure not to miss them!


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New Breyer Releases: Treasure Hunt 2011

March 3, 2011

That’s right! Breyer has surprised us for 2011 and brought out one of the most exciting events in recent history! There will be a 2011 Treasure Hunt, and its not just any Treasure Hunt, this year they had a surprise in store!

One of the most popular sculpting artists in the past decade is Brigitte Eberl, a German sculptor who first found popularity in the European “Artist Resin” part of the hobby where artists create and produce their own  model horses out of resin materials and other hobby artists paint them using a variety of materials. Breyer first commissioned  a sculpture from Brigitte in the form of Keltic Salinero. This sculpture of the famous dressage horse quickly became a favorite amongst collectors. Breyer next released a Brigitte mold at Breyerfest 2008, Alborozo. This mold is one of the most popular molds ever for his firey personality and spirit! Alborozo was only produce for Breyerfest and will never be produced again making him quite elusive!  Brigitte then produced the molds for GG Valentine and Heartbreaker, an adorable mare and foal, which while newly released, are so popular already. Brigitte’s molds are popular amongst collectors for many reasons, they encompass a large amount of spirit and are also very realistic! Her sculptures are art at its finest so it is truly an event that Breyer has released yet another Brigitte Eberl model!

Weather Girl is a lovely Arabian mare that will be released in three finishes, Thunderstorm, Sunny and Partially Cloudy. Thunderstorm is a lovely shaded black with small white markings, Sunny is a lovely bright palomino and Partially Cloudy is a gorgeous dapple grey pinto! These three models are only going to be available until the end of the year and then the mold will be locked in the Breyer Vault until 2016! So you only have a few months to add this amazing model to your collection! This may all sound amazing, but Breyer has one more little surprise in store! If you collect all three “Weather Girl” models you can redeem the UPC’s for “Rainbow”. No one knows what Rainbow will look like, its purely a surprise, but any color is possible with a rainbow!

You don’t want to miss Weather Girl, but don’t fret, you have nine months to get all three, and Golden Oak Stables, as always, will bring them to you just as soon as possible!


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