Real Life Breyer Horses: The Breeders Cup Classic 2015

October 29, 2015

This Saturday, the most talented race horses in the sport will gather at Keeneland Race Track in Lexington Kentucky to face off in the prestigious Breeders Cup. These races often put their winners into the history books and one race in particular this year, will make history for the winner. The Breeders Cup Classic, arguably the most prestigious of all of the Breeders Cup races, hosts a field of horses that are set to make history!

2015 has already been one for the history books, with the first Triple Crown winner in almost forty years being crowned. American Pharoah reinvigorated the horse racing world with his amazing accomplishment and made the world take notice of not only him, but horse racing again! With the world watching, American Pharoah comes to the Breeders Cup to enter in the Classic and hope to make history as the first horse to ever win both the Triple Crown and the Breeders Cup Classic.

This Grand Slam of Horse Racing would be an incredible feat to say the least, but many talented horses are stepping into the starting gates in hopes to make their own history, as the horse that beat the history maker. Beholder is a strong competitor that is set to give American Pharoah a run for his money. Honor Code and Keen Ice are close behind in the odds and hoping for a strong race themselves. Truth be told, the entire field is strong, and the winner of this race will truly prove their strength against some of the most talented horses in the world!

Golden Oak Stables wishes American Pharoah and the entire field good luck on Saturday. Who will win? We’ll all just need to wait and see!


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Breyer Horse New Releases: American Pharoah Ornament

October 26, 2015

American Pharoah has created quite the legacy in his short year racing, including the most prestigious racing achievement, the Triple Crown. This weekend he tries for a feat no horse has ever accomplished, the Grand Slam of Horse Racing. Golden Oak Stables and Breyer bring you a new series of horses memorializing this historic event and this incredible horse, including one that is perfect for the holiday season!

American Pharoah as captured the world with his amazing Triple Crown win, the first one in 37 years! No horse has managed to win the three leg trek to the Triple Crown since the late 1970’s. Many thought it impossible to ever happen again, but American Pharoah proved that theory wrong with his incredible wins!

This weekend, The Breeders Cup comes to the historic Keeneland race track and American Pharoah saddles up for what will be the last race in an exciting year, the Breeders Cup Classic. A win in the Classic would put him down in the history books as the only horse to not only win the Triple Crown, but also the Classic, thought among many to be the most difficult race in the world.

You can cheer on American Pharoah and memorialize this amazing time in horse racing with an ornament for your holidays that will help you remember this momentous occasion for years to come. The American Pharoah ornament shows this beloved bay in a full gallop and his jockey, Victor Espinoza in full excitement as he crosses the finish line!

History may get made this weekend, but as far as anyone is concerned, American Pharoah has already made a pretty amazing legacy for himself.


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Breyer Horse Holiday: Artist Signature Ornament

October 22, 2015

Breyer artists are some of the most accomplished equestrian artists in the world. These artists all bring their own special style and signature to their art for Breyer and can be recognized by collectors with a keen eye. This year, a special ornament celebrates the style of one of these beloved artists along with a special breed that is uniquely its own.

The American Mustang is a beloved breed from the United States that is unique and beautiful. This breed roams the western United States but also has found a home as a versatile mount throughout the disciplines. Each year, the Mustang is rounded up and put up for adoption from the Bureau of Land Management and these horses find homes with riders that range from police to dressage riders and everything in between!

The Artist Signature Ornament brings the beauty of the American Mustang together with the art work of beloved artist Kristina Lucas Francis to make a keepsake collectors will love for years to come. On one side, collectors will recognize the lovely rearing mustang mold, sculpted by Kristina herself and on the other, the collector favorite Nokota. Both of these lovely horses have been rendered in Kristina’s beautiful style that is sure to please even the most discerning collector!

Trim your tree or your collection, with a bit of artistic beauty from Golden Oak Stables!


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Breyer Horse Holiday: Peppermint Kisses

October 19, 2015

Each year collectors anxiously await the arrival of the Holiday Horse. Since 1997, Breyer has created a special Traditional model to celebrate the holiday season. Decked in holiday attire, each horse is full of holiday spirit and limited in release. This year, Golden Oak Stables, brings Peppermint Kisses to collectors everywhere!

The Holiday Horse is one of the most collected model by collectors and horse lovers alike. This special limited edition horse is specially designed each year to celebrate the holiday season with tack and accessories befitting a festive holiday horse. Perfect for display, the Holiday Horse is a holiday tradition for many collectors that can’t be missed.

Peppermint Kisses is a unique and beautiful addition to the holiday collection with his unique and beautiful attire. This dark steel grey sport horse has a fanciful tail and braided mane. Decked in a red velvet blanket with peppermint and fur accents, he carries peppermint candy canes in the pockets of his blanket. A silver bejeweled neck cover gives a stunning accent to his braided mane and a feather plume sits atop his head. A silver and golden bridle is accented with peppermints of their own, helping to round out his look and a festive pile of ribbons on his tail finish the look.

No matter if Peppermint Kisses is your first holiday horse, or you fifteenth, he’s an exciting and festive addition to your holiday collection that will bring the perfect amount of spirit to your collection!


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Breyer Horse New Releases: Shire & Corgi Set

October 15, 2015

The new Best of British series from Breyer showcases the amazing breeds that inhabit the British Isles. These amazing horses are unique to Britain and are making quite a stir with Breyer collectors.

The quintessential British breed for many horse lovers is the British Shire. This draft horse is known all over the world as one of the largest horse breed and for being a kind gentile giant. The Shire is commonly used for pulling carriages which it was bred for, along with doing heavy farm work. The breed’s gentile disposition made him a great family horse. His companion is also just as well known, a Welsh Corgi dog. This little dog might be stark in contrast but he is the perfect companion for the Shire horse. The chosen breed of the Queen, the Corgi is known for it’s small stature and it’s extremely friendly nature!

The Breyer Shire and Corgi set has journeyed from across the pond and into Golden Oak Stables. The classic scale Shire is painted in a beautiful black paint job with high white socks and a wide white blaze. His mane and tail have been braided in typical draft horse fashion and he steps high and proud! His companion is a little Corgi that is bright and cheery, and ready to head out for a ride or curl up in the tack room.

Unique and beautiful, the Shire and Corgi are two gems from the British Isles that are just waiting to bring a bit of British charm to your collection.


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Breyer Horse Collecting: 65 Years Of Breyer History

October 12, 2015

In the past sixty five years Breyer has created thousands of horses and created tens of thousands of collectors, and maybe more! Starting from one horse that shot to popularity, the history of Breyer is as interesting as the horses are beautiful!

In 1950, the Breyer Molding Company out of Chicago Illinois, created a clock with a Western Horse atop it for Woolworths. Before they knew it, demand for the horse had grown and they were on their way to the company we know today! In the 1950’s several molds were introduced along with animals such as cows and dogs. These models along with the original palomino Western Horse would become the foundations of the company.

In the 1960’s Breyer continued to expand from a few horse and animal molds, into a full lineup with dozens of horses and animals. Collectors began to become more defined in the 1960’s and the foundations of the hobby began with shows and customizing starting up. By the 1970’s the hobby had grown immensely along with the Breyer lineup. By this point, hundreds of different models has been produced and new scales were becoming collectors favorites.

In the 1980’s the hobby really started to take root and Breyer began to take notice. Their publication, Just About Horses, regularly featured collector events and articles and new molds sculpted by beloved artists were introduced. In 1990 the first Breyerfest was held and Breyer had relocated to New Jersey a few years earlier. Collectors were as well connected as ever and Breyerfest’s quick growth was proof of that!

Today the hobby is well connected through the internet and expansive series of live shows and the Breyer world is more than anyone could have imagined 65 years later!

Celebrating those 65 years, Breyer and Golden Oak Stables have a model that wraps all of that history into one model, Glitterati! He’s only available through the end of the year though, so don’t delay!


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Breyer Horse Collecting: Outfitting Your Model

October 8, 2015

Collecting Breyers encompasses a myriad of different activities, from creating a stable of your dreams to customizing the horse of your dreams, there’s so much to do! Whatever collecting means to you, outfitting your models is a fun way to interact with your models and to bring a little more realism to your collection.

Golden Oak Stables is stuffed to the brim with accessories to outfit your model in just about any way you can imagine! Using tack and accessories, you can outfit your collection in a way that will make you think your models are the real thing. Tack and accessories can also help you learn about different disciplines and how barns operate, in a fun and interactive way! Your Breyer models are just the start!

Tack like saddles and bridles are a great way to start, and range from your familiar English and Western to specialty tack like polo tack. Blankets and halters can help you round out your tack or just get things started. Every tack room needs to be stocked and you’ll find it easy to do with so many different options.

Around the barn you’ll find accessories like a grooming kit, jumps and a hot walker can all make your stable not only more realistic, but also make for a lot of fun for your models! These are just the start of different ways you can outfit your stable yard! You’ll find tons of accessories to fit whatever activities your barn prefers.

Outfitting your models in accessories can be so fun and can add a whole new world to your collection! Where will you start?


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Breyer Horse Collecting: Where To Start?

October 5, 2015

Starting a collection is an exciting occasion for anyone, but starting a new Breyer collection is one to be celebrated. Whether is is the first horse in your collection, or the first horse in a collection you are starting for someone else, choosing the right first horse is exciting and important!

Nearly every Breyer collector remembers their first horse, and many of them cherish them and hold onto them many years later. The memories of your first Breyer are special, so of course choosing the first one is important. With so many Breyers, there’s many places you can start!

Picking a favorite breed is one place to start, and can make for a lovely way to start a collection. With dozens of different breeds available at any one time, chances are, your favorite breed has a model. You can also choose from a host of famous horses to start a collection. From equestrian superstars to famous literary stars, the horse hall of fame lives in Breyer form! If your collector is younger, there’s Pony Gals and Plush to start filling their collection with that they can also play with for years to come.

Golden Oak Stables is proud to help you start or continue your collection with a myriad of models that are always exciting and make you feel like a new collector every single time you open that iconic yellow box!


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Breyer Horse Stablemates: American Pharoah

October 1, 2015

This version of a champion may be small but he is mighty! Golden Oak Stables brings Stablemates collectors a special addition to their collections that brings all of the excitement of a Triple Crown winner in a small package.

American Pharoah has taken the world by storm, and in just a few short weeks he tries to write his final entry in his racing career with a win and make history once again with an attempt at the Breeders Cup Classic. This win would place him in a class no other horse has ever been in, winning four of the most prestigious races in the United States. No other Triple Crown winners have ever accomplished this feat!

Breyer has immortalized the first Triple Crown winner in nearly four decades in three forms, including a Stablemate that will have any Stablemate collector rushing to the winners circle to add American Pharoah to their collection.

The Americah Pharoah Stablemate is done on the Thoroughbred mold and is shown in a fully stretched gallop racing towards the finish line. Pharoah’s beautiful bay coat color is created in stunning likeness with deep shadings and dark black points. He may be little but there’s no mistaking this little Pharoah.

Stablemate collectors, rejoice!  This little champion is ready to come to your stable and bring a bit of racing history along with him!



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