Breyer Horse Stablemates: Competing At The Games

February 29, 2016

The 2016 Olympic games are right around the corner and the equine superstars are gearing up to compete for their chance on the their country’s Olympic team. Events like the Rolex Three Day Event will help to predict which athletes will travel to Rio for the chance at gold! In the meantime, Golden Oak Stables has a set of Stablemates that are sure to start your Olympic excitement off in the right direction!

This summer, equestrians from all around the world will head to Brazil for the Olympic games. Horses and their riders will compete in dressage, show jumping and eventing for their chance at Olympic gold. These incredible horses are the epitome of the equestrian athlete!

You can start your journey to the Olympic Games with a Stablemate set that brings four new horses to you, Competing At The Games! The set starts off with a palomino Thoroughbred shown in full gallop. A black warmblood looks elegant and precise as he makes a small turn, maybe he’s headed toward his next jump? A chestnut cantering warmblood is ready for his next cross country fence with his fierce determination! Lastly, a light dapple grey warmblood shows off his dressage skills in an extended trot and delicately braided mane.

You can join the Olympic excitement yourself with Breyer and start Competing At The Games for yourself!


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Breyer Horse New Relases: Stablemate Horse And Foals

January 21, 2016

One of the fun parts about collecting Stablemates is how many you can collect, and how fun that collection can quickly become! With four new sets of horses and foals, your stablemate collection can explode with eight new horses, or it can be the perfect start to your collection!

Golden Oak Stables knows that Stablemates are fun for all collectors and what could be more fun than sets of foals with their parents? These fun sets bring both the adorableness of a new foal and the beauty of  perfectly painted miniature 1:32 scale horses together. Each set has been painted in exacting detail and feature beautiful sculptures that Breyer is well known for.

Four sets make up the 2016 Horse and Foals sets. The first is a striking leopard appaloosa mare and foal with chestnut undertones. They are bold and striking as they are featured in a full gallop! A grey Paso Fino mare and her grey foal come next and bring a bit of Latin flare to the collection. A bay Quarter Horse and his laying foal in a similar shade of bay come next. With delicate markings and soft shading they are beautiful as can be. Last comes a grey Saddlebred and a bright chestnut foal. This sweet set will brighten up any stable!

The Horses and Foals for 2016 are a group of unique and beautiful horses that will add to any collection and to any show string as well!


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Breyer Horse Stablemates: American Pharoah

October 1, 2015

This version of a champion may be small but he is mighty! Golden Oak Stables brings Stablemates collectors a special addition to their collections that brings all of the excitement of a Triple Crown winner in a small package.

American Pharoah has taken the world by storm, and in just a few short weeks he tries to write his final entry in his racing career with a win and make history once again with an attempt at the Breeders Cup Classic. This win would place him in a class no other horse has ever been in, winning four of the most prestigious races in the United States. No other Triple Crown winners have ever accomplished this feat!

Breyer has immortalized the first Triple Crown winner in nearly four decades in three forms, including a Stablemate that will have any Stablemate collector rushing to the winners circle to add American Pharoah to their collection.

The Americah Pharoah Stablemate is done on the Thoroughbred mold and is shown in a fully stretched gallop racing towards the finish line. Pharoah’s beautiful bay coat color is created in stunning likeness with deep shadings and dark black points. He may be little but there’s no mistaking this little Pharoah.

Stablemate collectors, rejoice!  This little champion is ready to come to your stable and bring a bit of racing history along with him!



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Breyer Horses Stablemates: Lights & Siren Animal Rescue

March 30, 2015

Animal lovers all over want to care for their animals, and one of the most important people in the life of any animal, and especially a horse, is that of a trusted vet. Stablemates lovers can care for their horses like a real life vet with an accessory that is sure to light up the stable and have them rushing to Golden Oak Stables.

Any trained horse person knows that when crisis strikes, time is the most important factor. When an animal is sick or injured, minutes can really matter, and how quickly a vet is able to help can mean very different outcomes for your horse. Breyer brings the realistic world of horses to their Stablemates line every day, with a huge range of accessories that make any stable complete in so many combinations of ways. For 2015 they have created the perfect accessory to help horse lovers keep their Stablemates safe and healthy, the Lights & Siren Animal Rescue Set.

The Lights & Siren Animal Rescue Set includes a truck and trailer that will have your horses in safe hands quicker than you can imagine. This beautiful red and white truck and trailer are decorated in an animal rescue theme with animals decorating the trailer sides. Bright blue lights make way for help to arrive on the truck that pivots and rolls in a realistic fashion. The trailer has working doors and a removable roof for you to easily access your horses as they load on and off and as they travel.

Ready to rescue an animal? Buckle up and head on out with Breyer!


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Breyer Horses Stablemates: Horse and Rider Red Roan Sport Horse

March 16, 2015

2015 is a big year for the Stablemates and for Stablemate collectors alike. New molds, new models and tons of new accessories have made their way into Golden Oak Stables and collectors are scrambling to fill their collections! With so many  choices, there’s no telling where to start!

English riding has long been one of the staple disciplines in riding and schooling and jumping aren’t far behind. The sport of equitation and learning to ride in proper form have all been skills that every English rider must learn from the beginning of their training. These skills form the bonds and abilities that take riders from the schooling ring into the winners circle and beyond!

You can school with your Stablemates with a fun new set that will have you riding through your lessons and ready to train hard. The Horse and Rider Red Roan Sport Horse is a wonderful set to get you started in the world of English riding, or get you going even further with your training. The set starts off with a lovely cantering red roan Warmblood horse that is painted in a flashy and beautiful color that is sure to stand out in the show ring. He’s stretched out, in a full canter, ready to take on his next task with great concentration. His flashy white socks and wide blaze are stunning and even more of an eye catcher! He comes along with his rider and a set of English tack that will get him ready for his lesson or a class or two once his skills are perfected. Once those skills are perfected he can start training over his own roll top jump!

Ready to saddle up? This gorgeous red roan Warmblood is waiting for you!


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Breyer Horses Stablemates: Super Sporty

March 5, 2015

One of the most prolific types of horses in the world are sport horses. These super stars of the equestrian world compete in so many different disciplines, that it’s hard not to notice them! Golden Oak Stables opens its doors to a set of four Super Sporty horses that are ready to saddle up and take a ride into the ring.

Sport Horses have long developed over thousands of years in Europe and all over the world. These medium riding horses were developed with selective breeding over centuries to exude the most athletic and precise abilities known to the equine world. One of the best known sport breeds is the Thoroughbred, known for his fast speed. Warmbloods are another type of sport breeds excelling in dressage, show jumping and other top equine sports. The next time you see show jumping, dressage, horse racing or eventing, chances are, there’s a sport horse under the saddle!

Standing only 4 inches tall, Stablemates Super Sporty is a set of four sport horses that are sure to wow you with their ability and power. An athletic chestnut Arabian will have you thinking about all of the athletic and sporty things the Arabian breed can do from endurance trials to show jumping. An Appaloosa Sport Horse brings a bold and flashy coat into the ring as it competes with the best of them. A bay Hanovarian shows his stuff in an extended dressage trot, one of the most precise moves in the sport. Rounding out the bunch, a warm grey Thoroughbred stands calm and ready to compete.

A lot of horse in a little package, these four Stablemates bring a sporty power unlike any other to your collection!


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Breyer Horse New Releses: Stablemates Gentle Giants

February 9, 2015

Stablemate Collectors always wait in anxious excitement for the release of new models at the beginning of the year. This year, a ton of new Stablemates have galloped into the paddock, including new molds, surprise foals and stunning horses that everyone can get excited about. There’s one new set of Gentle Giants that are making a quiet, but notable entrance that we’re all soon to notice.

Quietly cantering into Golden Oak Stables are a set of four Gentle Giants that are sure to liven up your stable with their big attitudes.

The set starts off with the ever popular Friesian mold painted in the classic black Friesian color. His high spirited step and his thick feathering makes him an ever popular mold and an easy collector favorite. Next into the stable is a dapple grey Percheron who’s wild dapple coat is something to behold. His dark grey shading is accented with his wild dappling and his alert attitude makes him a fun and stunning example of his breed. The Belgian is a popular draft breed for his long history of farm work and gentle attitude. Breyer brings a calm and strong Belgian to the Stablemates lineup painted in the classic sorrel color so many Belgians are known for. His light colored mane and tail and white blaze give him the sweetest expression that is sure to make him a favorite wherever he goes. Last, but certainly not least comes a cantering Clydesdale that is sure to brighten up your paddock. This stunning red roan drafter brings color and style to the breed that is so well known all over the world today!

Want to bring a few Gentle Giants into your home? These little guys are the perfect way to make a big impact in your collection!

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Breyer Horse New Releases: Stablemate Singles Set Of Eight

January 26, 2015

2015 is already shaping up to be an exciting year for Breyer collectors. The new horses that have made their way into Golden Oak Stables are already making collectors so excited! So many are already on their way to their new stables and even more ore on wish list after wish list, just waiting for a special occasion to take them home. Stablemates collectors are excited not only by the new releases, but by the new molds that are joining them!

The Stablemates Singles Set is a set of eight new adult Stablemates that will have any collector making room in their stables. The set starts off with a stunning sabino chestnut American Saddlebred. His high whites and show stretched position make him unmistakable! Another gaited horse, a liver chestnut Tennessee Walking Horse comes second and steps proudly with his flashy coat and green braids. A grey Arabian stallion with a long flowing mane and tail comes next. His light shading and calm demeanor make him a very handsome example of his breed. A galloping black blanket Appaloosa is racing fast and stretched out fully as he comes galloping down the stretch or across the paddock.  A sweet dun pony is sure to be any girl’s dream horse. His heavily shaded coat and bold star make him such a beautiful example of his breed. A striking red dun Warmblood is sure to catch eyes in the show ring with his primitive leg barring and creamy coat that is unique as he is!

That’s only six of the new models, the last two are exciting new additions to the Stablemates stable, new molds! New for 2015 come a black Andalusian who steps high with spirit to spare. There’s also a mustang that gets ready for a romp and a buck of his own. He’s been painted in a beautiful roan that is sure to catch anyone’s eye!

Stablemate collector or not, there’s a little room in everyone’s collection for these lovely new little horses!

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Breyer Horse New Releases: Stablemate Mystery Foal Families

January 19, 2015

Stablemates have always been popular among collectors, and there’s no question why not. These adorable little horses are not only easy to collect because of their size, but also are so full of detail that collectors can’t help but fill their shelves with these little guys. New at Golden Oak Stables for 2015, you can add new Mystery Foal Family sets to your collection and anxiously await the new addition of a foal in your stable!

The fun of the Stablemate Mystery Foal Families is that until you open them up, you’ll have no idea what the foal looks like! It’s just like expecting a real foal of your own, until it’s born, it’s all a mystery! Three special sets have been created for 2015 and bring fun new molds and colors to collectors.

A bay Quarter Horse starts off the sets, this is a new mold that is for the first time available to collectors all over. The collector favorite Reining horse has been painted in a metallic silver dun, who knows what his foal will look like! A black Warmblood in an extended trot is sure to make a stunning foal, but who knows what it might look like? Next is another Warmblood, but this one is a stunning sorrel with pinto markings. A palomino blanket Appaloosa is sure to add some stunning color to his foal. And lastly is the highly anticipated sorrel Icelandic pony, what will his foal look like?

Ready for a surprise? The Mystery Foals sets are a perfect way to add new Stablemates to your collection but to bring the fun of new foals to your collection too! What do you think the mystery foals will look like?

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Breyer Horse Stablemates: Building A Stablemate World

June 23, 2014

Collectors from all over the world have fallen in love with Stablemates. These tiny horses might be small in size, but are easy to collect and beautiful as can be! It’s no question to why they’re so popular, and now, you can build a whole world around them!

Breyer created the Stablemate collection in 1975 with twelve models and has since added dozens upon dozens of more horses to the line. Standing about three inches tall, Stablemates are 1/32 in scale. This combined with their traditional sized detail makes them easy and so fun to collect! Over the years Breyer has created an entire world for Stablemates, and Golden Oak Stables brings you everything you’ll need to create a world of your own!

The natural place to start is with the Little Red Stable, this classically styled barn features a barn, hay loft, tack room and even accessories like fencing and a jump to get your stable started. If you’re a little more fanciful, the Color Crazy Barn is a great place to go to bring a big punch of color to your Stablemates. Another important building in any horse loving town is the Riding Academy. Here riders and their horses can touch up their skills and show their talents. Every horse owner needs to keep the local vet on call in case of an emergency, and the Animal Hospital is a great place to keep in your town. Keeping your horses and other animals in tip top shape will be easy with it nearby. One accessory every horse owner needs is a Truck and Trailer of their own! From horse shows to trail rides, being able to take your horse with you is an important part of horse ownership, and a fun way for collectors to accessorize!

That’s only  the start though, there’s a myriad of playsets and accessories to add to your Stablemate world and to help you create the collection of your dreams! Where will you start?

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