Breyer Horse Collecting: 2011 Retired List

2011 is drawing to a close and Breyer has released their retired list! You only have till the end of the year to get your hands on these, so take a look and make sure you aren’t going to miss out!

1316 Tahoma
1350 Benefit Model (Breast Cancer)
1368 Twilight
1387 Pony Picnic Playset
1424 Pony Pep Rally Playset
1425 Baxter
1426 Chili
706 S Justadream‐Arabian
715 Bet Yer Blue Boons
1151 Isadora‐Cruce ‐ Mustang from Return to Freedom
1360 Buck ‐ Bonanza
1429 Rachel Alexandra
1453 Chub ‐ Bonanza
1466 Headley Britannia ‐ Eventing Superstar
1460 Weather Girl ‐ 2011 Treasure Hunt Series
1479 Renaissance Horse & Rider Set
2612 Traditional Truck
2613 Traditional Trailer
1382 Breyer Trail Class Acces. Kit
2011 Stone Wall Jump
2015 Cross Country Jump
2475 Foal Blankets 3‐piece Assortment
2800 WEATHERBEETA® 2800 Weatherbeeta® TakaTM FreestyleTM Blanket
7627 Breyer Caveletti Set ‐ Updated Image
5976 Stablemates 4 Pc. Horse Collection
5907 Stablemates Singles 24 Pc. Assortment
611 Chestnut Appaloosa
612 Dark Bay Hanoverian
613 Dapple Grey Mustang
614 Grey Pinto Pintabian
615 Dapple Chestnut Thoroughbred
616 Palomino Appendix Quarter Horse
617 Buckskin Morgan
618 Red Roan Sabino Arabian
619 Dun Quarter Horse & Chestnut Appaloosa Foals
4821 Butterscotch
4822 S’more
4823 Pepper
31002 Horse Play
4858 Plush Beanie 18‐Pc Counter Display (6 each of three styles) Styles not sold
5500 Stablemates The Saddle Club™ 4 Horse Set
5501 Stablemates “Jump Off” Carole and Starlight Play Set
5502 Stablemates “Jumping to Conclusions” Lisa and Prancer Play Set
5503 Stablemates “Found Horse” Stevie and Belle Play Set
61101 Classics Stevie & Belle Gift Set
61102 Classics Lisa & Prancer Gift Set
61103 Classics Carole & Starlight Gift Set
720211 Pony Gals Micro Mini Show Horses
720212 Pony Gals Micro Mini Pleasure Horses
720213 Pony Gals Micro Mini Horses Wild Horses
720249 Friendship Barn
7073 Pony Gals 12 pc Asst
7074 Jasmine
7075 Dixie
7076 Chloe

So don’t delay! Ride on over to Golden Oak Stables! You won’t want to miss any of these amazing horses or new ones that are sure to fill the stable for 2012!


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  1. On The Stablemates Appaloosa Horse Gift Set

    […] 0 WEATHERBEETA® 2800 Weatherbeeta® TakaTM FreestyleTM Blanket […]

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