Breyer Horse Accessories: English Tack

Are you ready to hit the Rolex Three Day event? Maybe the star in your barn is a pony club champion? Maybe an introductory jumping lesson? No matter what your pick, there’s a special saddle for you! Breyer has recreated a huge variety of tack in miniature scale for your stable, here’s a look at some English tack.

Many riders use what’s called an English All Purpose saddle. This saddle does exactly what it says, its good for all different types of English events. This versatile saddle can easily be used for just about any lower level competition and transfers well between disciplines. Breyer’s All Purpose saddle is the Devon English Hunt Seat Saddle. Pair it with the English Hunter Jumper Bridle and you can ride the day away! If you’re ready to compete on the three day circuit, the English Riding Accessories Set has all the little touches you need to keep your horse safe and competitive!

Dressage is a favorite activity for many riders. From the lowest levels to the highest this sport teaches communication and workmanship. The Dressage saddle is typically black an features longer panels than an All Purpose saddle. The Breyer Dressage Saddle is created out of a gorgeous black leather with a seat perfect for any rider! The Dressage Bridle features accurate touches like matching black leather and white accents along the browband and noseband.

If you’re looking for something a little more casual, why not try a fun all purpose set? Breyer’s English Riding Set comes in a fun tan and burgundy color and has accessories abound! Just about anything you could need comes ready for you to use! If you’re a little more funky, why not tack up with the Hot Colors Riding Set? Bright yellow and blue give this set a fun touch and accessories make it easy to do just about anything!

No matter what your discipline, there’s a tack set for you as well as tons of accessories. From jumps to barns, feed sets to tack, Golden Oak Stables has every little thing you could need to outfit all of the stars in your barn!


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