Breyer Horse Classics: American Quarter Horse

February 14, 2013

One of the most iconic breeds of America is that of the American Quarter Horse. Known by many for it’s ranch work but the Quarter Horse has found it’s way into many different jobs in it’s nearly 200 year history! With Golden Oak Stables, you can celebrate the breed with a new classic Quarter Horse in your stable!

The American Quarter Horse is a breed that grew right along with America. This breed may be known for making it’s way west with settlers and moved it’s way west, but the Quarter Horse get’s it’s name from somewhere you’d never expect! Named for being able to run a quarter mile at exciting speeds, the Quarter Horse was first formed from breeding Native American horses with English Thoroughbreds. As America grew west they took their trusty Quarter Horses to them to the uncharted western United States and ¬†the Quarter Horse quickly became the all around ranch horse that every cowboy needed! The Quarter Horse has hundreds of years of history working cattle and doing ranch work, making it the top choice for Western work today. The Quarter Horse is also a fierce competitor in other disciplines as well and can compete in just about anything you can imagine! From show jumping to driving the Quarter Horse is truly a versatile horse with so much to share with the world!

New for 2013, Breyer brings you a lovely Classics Quarter Horse that will have you making room at your barn. This stunning bay roan stallion has a beautiful coloration of a dark bay coat with white hairs that are beginning to peek out giving him his roan coloration. He stands square and proud with a lovely mane and tail. This stunning little horse is full of everything you’d ever want or expect out of a Quarter Horse and represents the breed in the most exacting of ways!

Ready to bring a little bit of ¬†western excitement to your stable? How about a lovely little Quarter Horse? He’s sure to liven things up! ~Stacy Email Stacy:

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