Real Life Breyer Horses: California Chrome Wins The Run For The Roses

Saturday, nineteen horses made their way to Churchill Downs in Louisville Kentucky for a chance to win the most prestigious race in the world, the Kentucky Derby. The weather was perfect, and the track was fast and what played out put a horse in the winner’s circle that is sure to make history with his fascinating story.

California Chrome may have been the favorite going into the race, but he certainly didn’t start that way. His owners started their journey with California Chrome in a way that isn’t common in the horse racing industry, with a modest investment of $10,000. With his owner’s retirements on the line, California Chrome had a lot to prove in the run for the roses. No California bred Thoroughbred has won the Derby since 1962 and with such a modest start in life, it was hard to believe this little chestnut colt was the favorite in the most prestigious horse race in the world.

As the race started it became apparent that California Chrome had a good hold on position with Victor Espinoza as his jockey. He pushed his way through the small crowd in front of him to win by just over a length in 2:03.66 and put his name in the record books for eternity! California Chrome now makes his way to the Preakness and then onto the Belmont for the other two legs in the Triple Crown.

Will California Chrome be the first Triple Crown winner in 35 years? We’ll all just have to wait and see, Golden Oak Stables will bring you all the news!

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