Real Life Breyer Horses: Saying Goodbye to SBH Phoenix

Horse lovers all over the world got the sad news a few weeks ago that one of the Clydesdale world’s premier stallions had left the world. Breyer fans had only a short time to get to know this stallion, join us at Golden Oak Stables in remembering him.

SBH Phoenix was a stunning bay roan Clydesdale stallion that was introduced into the Breyer lineup with a model of his very own in early 2014. This stunning horse had earned himself 25 championships and reserve championships at some of the world’s largest horse shows including the World Clydesdale Show and the US Nationals.  Phoenix had just celebrated his sixteenth birthday in March and in those sixteen years he made a huge mark on the Clydesdale breed. He was three time All American and All Canadian winner and had sired multiple All American and All Canadian winners as well!

Phoenix’s fans were far and wide throughout the world and with the excitement of his portrait also came the excitement of his appearance at Breyerfest, that we sadly will not be able to experience. We will have to remember Phoenix through his offspring, memory and his Breyer model. In his sixteen years of life, Phoenix has made a huge impact on the Clydesdale breed with not only his accomplishments, but also his offspring. He has produced 19 All American and All Canadian champions through his offspring that will leave his legacy strong.

Remember this amazing horse with us and celebrate the amazing life he led. We will mess Phoenix, but his incredible life lives strong through what he has left the earth with!

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