Breyer Horse Mid Year Release: Camila

Each spring, Breyer releases new releases into the stable that can make a collector’s heart go aflutter. This spring, a new kind of horse is making her way into Golden Oak Stables and is causing a lot of excitement as she wobbles her way in.

For over sixty years, the largest Breyer horse that has been available has been the Traditional Scale, standing at about 10 inches tall, or 1/9 scale. The Traditional scale models have long been the most popular and the most collected of the Breyer collection. This spring a new little girl is making her way in, and along with her sweet nature and lovely looks come a size like no other, 1/6 scale!

Camila is a lovely little foal that stands just about as big as a Traditional scale adult at 10 inches tall at her ear tips. Her stunning size is already creating a stir among collectors as she is the first model to be introduced by Breyer in this scale! Her large scale allows for details beyond compare, including a sculpture that is detailed beyond compare. This little wobbly filly is still trying to get her bearings on her long legs and looks adorable as can be as she tries. A stunning paint job complements her in a perfect shade of red dun pinto that is light and delicate like her foal coat would be in real life. To top it all off, she’s been painted with a coat of gloss, giving her the perfect finishing touch!

This lovely and large filly is sure to catch attention as she frolics around the pasture, a beautiful paint job and a stunning sculpture is everything you could ask for. Are you ready to make room on your shelf for this lovely little lady? Camila is excited to make her debut among collectors as the first 1/6 scale horse in the Breyer lineup!

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