Breyer Horse New Releases: 2012 A Year Of Excitement!

New Years Eve has come and gone in a flurry as as we welcome the new year Breyer and Golden Oak Stables bring us the highly anticipated 2012 Breyer Lineup! This Stunning group of horses is both large and varied ready to head into your stable! The only question is where to begin?

The Traditional line is stuffed full of new models that are not only beautiful but a blast to collect. New and exciting Breeds as well as famous horses come into the stable this year. Abraham Lincoln’s “Old Bob” brings a historical horse into the line. The champion show jumper Hickstead has been immortalized with his own Breyer created in his memory for 2012. A pair of rare twin Appaloosa Foals are adorable and flashy beyond compare! Making it even more interesting, one’s a blanket appaloosa and one is a leopard appaloosa, but they both look beautiful together. Fun new ponies gallop into the Breyer lineup this year, Brookside Pink Magnum is a championship Welsh Pony that brings his fame and success to your stable. A new Highland and Shetland Pony are also making their way in with their spunky personalities and sweet nature!

Fun accessories also come new into the traditional line this year. For all those jockeys in the making the Let’s Go Racing Set is everything you need to gallop into the winners circle! Ready to fill out your tack room a new Shipping Set is hard to miss in a bright pink that is fun and flashy. Ready to load up? The Breyer Dually Truck and Trailer have a new 2012 model in a stunning red and white paint scheme!

This is just the tip of the 2012 ice burg for Breyer! There are tons of releases that are bound to become quick collector favorites, including a new line of resins! Don’t miss this exciting year for Breyer, stay tuned to Stable News for all the Breyer News you need to keep you in the know! Happy 2012!


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