Breyer Horse New Releases: Paint Mare and Foal

Spring is almost here, just a few more weeks and the warm spring air will be slowly creeping back. Flowers will start to bloom and the days will get warmer and longer. Each spring welcomes another addition too, new foals! Golden Oak Stables brings you the sweetest pairing of mare and foal to bring a little bundle of joy to your stable!

New for 2012 is a beautiful paint mare and foal that stand out with their striking color and markings that match in the sweetest way. The Paint Horse is a popular breed that originated in the Western United States as a popular ranch horse. From the days of cowboys and ranchers to modern day horse folks, the Paint Horse has always been popular for it’s striking color and its ability to work hard on the ranch. The Paint Horse has excelled in many discipline and can be found in both Western and English events today.

New for 2012, the striking Overo Pinto Mare and Foal are a pairing out of any equestrian’s dream! This pair are beyond beautiful with their deep dun coats this mare and foal stand out in a stable. A dun coloration is distinguished by markings referred to as “Barring” on the legs and a dorsal stripe. These markings are often called “Primitive” as they occurred on wild horses.

Both the mare and foal carry Overo markings which are a type of pinto markings. These markings are best recognized for their jagged edges, large white splotches and because they do not cross over the back. Wide face markings and socks give these two horses the most beautiful final touches on a stunning set!

Looking to add a lovely mare and foal to your stable this spring? The Overo Pinto Mare and Foal are the perfect way to bring the fun and excitement of a new foal to your stable. Not only are they cute and sweet as can be, their fun and striking markings are stunning as can be! This beautiful mare and foal are sure to light up any stable they find their way to!


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