Breyer Horse New Releases: Classics Pony Care Set

Nearly every little girl dreams of getting a pony at  some time in her life. That special friend that she can have forever is always at the top of any gift list and while we might all not be able to have a real pony of our own, we can certainly add the perfect pony to our Breyer herd with the Classics Pony Care Set.

Trotting into Golden Oak Stables is the perfect pony complete with everything you could need to care for it for a lifetime! This lovely red bay appaloosa pony is as adorable as she is sweet. Her spotted Appaloosa blanket markings sit on her hindquarters and a stunning black mane and tail give her brown coat a perfect pop! Two front white socks make her more adorable than words can ever describe!

Her faithful owner has red hair that nearly matches her pony and is long and held back with a headband. She matches her pony in another way too, her top and pony’s blanket both match! A bold teal pattern with bright blues, purples and pinks, create both their top and blanket with fun flower and ladybug designs. A pair of denim capris and white tennis shoes are her choice for the perfect casual day of play and care for her new pony.

Caring for her pony will be no issue with all of the accessories you might need! A yellow brush for grooming, spray bottle that will certainly come in handy, carrying box to bring it all in and out of the tack room and feed and a bucket all will find their place in caring for this beloved pony.

Hours of fun will go into caring for this new addition to the family. With everything you need to care for a sweet and stunningly beautiful pony, Classics Pony Care Set is the perfect way to bring a little bit of pony fun into your stable.

Always dreamed of your own pony? Don’t wait another day!


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