New Year, New Breyer Horses!

Each year brings a big surprise for Breyer collectors when Breyer releases the new horses and accessories for the new year. 2010’s models have been announced and they are expected by the end of the month! As always, Golden Oak Stables is your source for the entire Breyer line, including the 2010 line!

This year marks an important event for the American horse industry: the World Equestrian Games will be held for the first time ever in America. These games are unlike any competition that has been held in the United States and is seen to many as more important than even the Olympics! Breyer is the official model horse of the FEI World Equestrian games and has released some spectacular models in its honor! Esprit is the poster horse for Breyer’s FEI WEG line; he symbolizes the spirit of the horse into a beautiful dapple grey horse with a fanciful mane and tail! Also in the FEI WEG line is a set of 8 Stablemates that represent the eight different events and included in that set are 6 new sculptures! There is also a set of three classic models for the games all on new molds!

For 2010 Breyer has released two models to benefit a charity into their traditional line. For the past couple year Breyer has been working with the ELCR to help conserve land that is used as trails and for other equestrian purposes by having a benefit model. This year is no exception with a beautiful glossy Lady Phase model that is the 2010 ELCR model! In addition this year Breyer has taken up the cause of Breast Cancer and produced a Breast Cancer Benefit model! He’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen before, done in a clear pink plastic with a ribbon decorations all over him. Breyer has only produced a couple clear models before and all of them have been difficult to find special runs, so this horse is bound to be a popular model in a special color!

There are dozens of other new products which you can take a look at on Golden Oak Stables’ site; these are just a few of the many new amazing models! A new year is often an exciting new start for many, but 2010 is going to be an exciting new year for Breyer horse collectors! With all the exciting new horses and products its clear we have an exciting year full of amazing models!


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