Breyer Horse Collecting: Connecting With The Hobby

One of the most fun parts of collecting Breyer horses is connecting and meeting other collectors that share the same love for horses as you do! Through the years, the model horse hobby has evolved to one that is technologically advanced and crosses across the world, with one thing in common, a love for Breyer horses!

If you’re reading Stable News, you’re already connecting with the hobby in one way! One of the easiest ways to connect with the hobby is reading blogs and websites just like Golden Oak Stables and Stable News! You can get all of the latest news from Stable News and all of the newest releases as they are released from Breyer and even more information about events and the hobby. Connecting with news gives you an insight into the hobby and information you can’t find anywhere else!

Another place to connect with Golden Oak Stables and other hobbyists is through social media. Social media sites like Facebook is a fun way to learn about all the latest news from Golden Oak Stables as well as from all over the hobby world! Social media sites provide ways to connect with other collectors and a way to get news in an up to the minute way, but remember to stay safe and get permission if you’re still a youth hobbyist.

Offline, the model horse world can be a fun place as well, and attending events and live shows can be a great way to meet other collectors and to learn new things. Events like Breyerfest bring collectors together with real life horses in a way unlike no other. Collectors get to experience all sorts of experiences at model horse events, from competitive events like live showing, to educational ones like painting a model horse of your own!

It doesn’t matter if you connect with the hobby online or off, there’s a myriad of ways to meet other collectors and to get involved!

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