Breyer Horse Accessories: Are You Ready For Winter?

Just like us, horses have to prepare for the chilly weather that will soon be here. Horses may have once been hearty wild animals that lived off the land, but domestication has made them a little more susceptible to the elements. So, just like real horses, you can bundle up your Breyer horses for the upcoming chilly weather and do it in style!

As cool fall and winter air starts to move in, real horses will start getting a little help from their owners to stay comfortable. Most horses, like most mammals, grow a thicker winter coat as the air gets cool, but when the air gets frigid, most need a little more help to stay comfortable. It also helps keep horses clean as they go out to pasture, which something all owners can agree on!

Just like real horses, Golden Oak Stables and Breyer bring you realistic blankets that can keep your models warm and clean in the chilly winter air that’s ahead. You can start out with the Hot Colored Blanket and Boots Set. This bold and beautiful blanket is made of bright pink and blue fabric, meaning you’ll never lose your horse in the herd. If you’re a bit more conservative, there’s a lovely blue Blanket and Boots Set that is sure to keep your horses warm and a Red one as well. If you’re looking for something a little more heavy duty, you might want to try the Rambo Blanket. Made in stunning likeness to the blankets worn by real horses, this miniature version is sure to please!

Ready for winter? Bundle your horses up and get ready as the chilly air moves in!


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