Breyer Horse Accessories: Have You Met Brenda And Her Friends?

August 21, 2014

Behind every good horse is a good rider, and in the Breyer stable there’s a whole host of good horses that need a good rider! Golden Oak Stables has a barn full of riders that are all ready and waiting to get on the back of one of your horses and help it become a champion of whatever you might desire.

Most Breyer collectors have at least heard of Brenda Breyer, she’s been the star rider of the Breyer barn for thirty five years! Brenda has ridden many disciplines over the years, but now takes up seat as a Show Jumper most of the time with the occasional turn in the Dressage ring. She’s talented in many aspects, but Brenda truly shines in the English arena sports and makes a wonderful rider for any horse aspiring to make it big one day!

Western fans may have been introduced to the two stars in the western stable, but if not, Taylor and Austin are your guys! These two riders bring the fun of riding Western to your stable. These two are ready to mount up and head onto the trail or into the arena to show off their skills at reining, cow cutting, barrel racing and more!

Young riders can add a sweet little rider to their stable in the form of Junior Rider. This adorable little girl is excited to hop on her pony and compete and learn!

Finally, the two most important people in any stable are the Vet and the Farrier! These two will keep your stable healthy and happy when you need it most! No stable is complete without them.

Ready to mount up? Pick a rider and head on out today!

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