Real Life Breyer Horses: The Pinto Pattern

There are many different colors in the rainbow that is horses, from palomino to dapple grey and everything in between! There’s a myriad of different colors that are all different from one another and all unique as can be! There’s one pattern that stands out from so many others and has created so many fans all over the world, the pinto pattern.

The pinto pattern can easily be described as white body markings on top of any solid color. There are many different pinto patterns that can be exhibited on a horse, including the Sabino pattern, the Overo pattern and the Tobiano pattern. These patterns explain how the white markings are on the horse’s body, and only occur with certain genetics. For example, Arabians can only have the Sabino pattern present, any other pinto pattern means that the horse isn’t fully Arabian, and not eligible for registration as one.

Pinto patterns can be seen in many breeds though, and in many different variations. Some horses will have very little markings, sometimes only high socks and maybe a spot on their stomach, while others will have very elaborate markings throughout their entire body. The defining factor? It’s all random!

Breyer and Golden Oak Stables have so many pinto horses to choose from, from the Gypsy Vanner with bold patterning and a lot of drama, to the Grullo Pinto who has a stunning color and pattern, to the new Camila, who’s pattern varies from one variation to the next.

Each pinto is different, what kind of pinto horses do you have in your collection?


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