Breyer Horse Collecting: Your Pride And Joy

Collecting Breyer horses is different for each and every collector. Some collectors collect what they love, some have just a few horses that remind them of horses they know and other collectors have a lifetime’s worth of horses that grace their shelves. No matter what kind of collector you are, there’s special horses in your collection that stand out among the others!

Collectors of all kinds have pride in their collections, the act of building a collection in itself is something to be proud of. As a collector, we are the curators of a special group of horses that we handpick and choose to be added to our collections. Collectors should take great pride in this, and know how special this really is! Curating a collection is something that takes a detail oriented eye  and an attention to detail. During that process, some horses might stand out from others, and horses that took extra time and care to add to the collection are often given a place of pride in a collection. Do you have any horses that are special like this?

Other collectors use their horses to compete all over the country and world. Whether it be original finish Breyers or customized horses of their own making, these horses often become beloved to their owners. Taking the time to show a horse and to attend live shows builds a sense of pride with the horses that go along with you. Do you have any special show horses in your collection?

There are many reasons to have pride in your collection, and having horses that are your pride and joy are important and special for any collector! Who is the pride and joy of your collection? Or which horse from Golden Oak Stables do you hope will be your new one?

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