Breyer Horse New Releases: Stablemates Horse Crazy Gift Set

Stablemate crazy collectors rejoice, a new and exciting set is galloping it’s way into Golden Oak Stables and is sure to make you whinny with excitement with their fun twist on these lovely little horses!

Standing only 4 inches tall, Stablemates have been a part of the Breyer lineup for almost forty years, since 1975, and have enchanted collectors for just as long with their fun and collectible size and their amazing detail. These little horses are so easy and fun to collect, it’s no surprise that they are one of Breyer’s most popular scales of horses. With breeds ranging from the beloved Arabian and Thoroughbred to the stocky Clydesdale and even down to the small Shetland Pony, Stablemates are just as diverse as they are beautiful.

Collectors of Stablemates can get excited for the Stablemate Horse Crazy Gift Set, a new addition to the popular Horse Crazy lineup. These translucent additions to the Stablemate lineup have quickly become favorites for collectors and now a new set of four is ready to head into your collection and brighten things up! First a lovely blue Paso Fino stands in his iconic gait with a little swing to his foot to start the collection. He’s followed by a pink standing Quarter Horse, a green frosted Warmblood and a rearing frosted yellow Arabian. They’re all accented with glittered manes and tails that give them a final touch of fantasy that is simply so fun!

Bringing a fanciful new element to any collection, the Horse Crazy Gift Set is a fun way for any collector to bring a new touch of whimsy to their collection along with four beautiful horses that encompass everything there is to love about Breyer horses and Stablemates all in one!

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