Breyer Horse Classics: Pet Groomer Set

Taking care of your animals is the most important task of ownership and one of the biggest tasks is keeping your animal groomed and clean. Golden Oak Stables brings you a new Classics gift set that brings together the fun of pet ownership together with the love of Breyer horses to make a set that’s bound to provide hours upon hours of fun for any animal lover!

Pet grooming is a task we all take on when we get an animal of any kind. Some animals require less work than others, but most cats, dogs and of course horses, need care to keep them clean and healthy. Cats normally need a brushing on a regular basis, Dogs also need a bath from time to time, but horses require a little more work. Horses require daily grooming to keep them healthy in most cases.

Breyer has created a set, new for 2014, that helps you take care of all of your Breyer animals. The Pet Groomer Set is a fun set filled with animals and fun! The set starts off with a lovely and lively Corgi dog who’s bright coat shines! His companion is a Siamese cat that’s stretching herself out as she relaxes. They are both joined by a palomino pony foal that trots happily. Their companion is a beautiful brunette rider doll that’s ready with a bottle of pet shampoo, a bucket and a feeding trough to keep them all clean and taken care of!

The responsibilities of pet ownership can sometimes be a little overwhelming, but this fun set reminds us of the joy that our animals bring us. Big or small, feline, canine or equine, animals all bring something special to our lives!

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