Breyer Horse New Releases: Colorful Blanket Assortment

Chances are, it’s pretty chilly where you are right now. Snow has been falling and cold temperatures have made their way in to stay, at least for a few months. But what about your equine friends? How are they dealing with the chilly temperatures?

Real horses are hardy animals that can weather the elements pretty well, but even then, some of them need a little bit of help when it gets very cold outside. It’s an important part of horse ownership to know when to blanket a horse and when they can take care of themselves. Blanketing a horse when it’s too warm outside can cause them to sweat  which can sometimes lead to illness. If a horse is let out when it’s too cold without proper covering, they can become very sick too! It’s important for owners to learn about their horses and what their horses needs are to keep them at the peak of health and comfortable!

Breyer horses are a little easier to take care of, but you still want to think about blanketing your Breyers for fun and realism. Golden Oak Stables brings you a set of four new blankets for 2014 that are flashy, bold and beautiful! The Blanket Assortment is a fun way to spruce up your stable and keep your horses not only warm, but protect them. Blankets can be a fun way to keep dust off of your horses or to keep them from rubbing when they get bumped against one another. Just like real horses, our Breyers sometimes do better with a blanket on them too!

If you’re ready to warm up this winter, bring a little bit of bright and bold fun into your stable and keep your horses warm and protected in style! You’re sure to welcome spring in with patterns this beautiful and bright!

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