Breyer Horse New Releases: Western Parade Saddle Set

One thing that has always made Breyer stand out as the premier model horse is the realism that their horses and accessories bring to collectors. New for 2014, Golden Oak Stables brings you a new saddle set that will have all of your horses wishing they could be on parade with you!

One of the most coveted pieces of tack in the world is that of a top of the line Western parade set. These saddles, bridles and  accessories are typically elaborately decorated with extensive tooling which is truly an art form of it’s own. They are also known for their ‘bling’ as many know it. These pieces of tack are commonly covered in elaborate silver decorations that are hand etched and formed to the specific saddle and often are customized based on the customer’s desires. Because of this, Western parade tack is beautiful to look at and even more beautiful to behold. Typically this tack is only used for special occasions, such as parades and demonstrations, because it’s meant to be seen!

New for 2014 has created a Western Parade Saddle Set that is sure to have you biting at the bit to add it to your tack room. Made in a beautiful shade of brown, this set is ready to be put on your showiest of horses. It is accented throughout with silver accents and beading throughout. Every piece of tack you could want to complete your parade look is included, a western saddle with tapadero stirrups, bridle, breast collar and serape all combine for the winning look. There’s even a fancy saddle pad that finish off your set perfectly!

Ready to ride in style? The Western Parade Saddle Set is the perfect way to spruce up your tack room and to bring a new twist to your models. Which one of your horses is ready to gallop down the streets in your local parade?

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