Breyer Horse New Releases: Guy McLean’s Nugget

One of Australia’s premiere horsemen, Guy McLean, has found fans all around the world with his exciting take on horsemanship. Proving that man and horse can be one, Guy McLean has a way of bridging the gap between man and animal and communicating with horses.

Breyer and Golden Oak Stables bring you one of McLean’s horses, Nugget! Guy McLean is known for his exciting training techniques but he is also known for his performances where he shows just what he can do with horses! Nugget and McLean found a way to teach each other about one another. Training all over Austrailia, Nugget and McLean showed just what his techniques could do, impressing audiences near and far!  Now McLean performs all over the world. His show is known for his four horse performances where he controls and trains four horses without a saddle, bridle or even a halter! That’s no small task!

New for 2012, Guy McLean’s Nugget brings the spirit of the Australian outback to collectors all around the world. Created on Breyer’s Stock Horse Stallion, Nugget brings the essence of McLean and the outback to you! This bright golden dun horse shines with it’s golden coloration and primitive markings. Dark legs reach up into dun striping near the top of the legs like many classic duns. His  mane and tail are a mix of dark and light hairs that do nothing but make this stallion all the more beautiful.

Nugget comes complete with a DVD so that you can enjoy Guy McLean’s performances and training techniques. With an Australian touch, you’ll be enchanted by McLean and his take on horsemanship!

Bringing together a new take on training and a wonderful show, it’s no wonder why Guy McLean has found fans all over the world! Now you can bring a little bit of his spirit to your stable with Nugget.


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