Breyer Horse New Releases: 2012 Holiday Horse Noche Buena

For 16 years Breyer has brought the spirit of the Holidays into a horse that captures not only the magic of the season but also the beauty and majesty of the horse. Golden Oak Stables is proud to present Noche Buena, the 2012 Breyer Holiday Horse!

In the past 16 years Breyer has created some of the most exciting holiday horses that collectors could ever imagine! From ponies to drafts and everything in between, the Breyer Holiday Horse is always a favorite for collectors and horse lover alike! Each year a special horse is created and decorated with a costume fitting of the season!

Noche Buena is the 16th addition to the Breyer Holiday Horse series and a fitting one to say the least. This dark bay horse has been created on the collectors favorite Ethereal model! This model has become a collectors favorite with it’s expressive pose and spirit! Noche Buena has a lovely white blaze and two white socks.

Noche Buena is ready to gallop into the season with a lovely costume featuring the poinsettia! The poinsettia gets it’s holiday roots in a Mexican folk tale where children brought weeds to a church on Christmas eve and they blossomed into poinsettias! Now the flower is known all over as the flower of the holiday! Noche Buena is adorned in a costume created from faux poinsettias! From his head to his tail he’s covered in bright red poinsettias! His costume is also adorned with golden embroidery, rhinestones, a few leaves create his costume that even has a saddle for his rider! A golden bridle finishes his look!

This Christmas Eve you can with everyone a Good Night with Noche Buena. This exciting and spirited holiday horse not only brings the excitement and beauty of the holiday seasons to you but it also celebrates a beautiful folk tale! Don’t miss adding Bueno Noche to your holiday horse collection, or starting one today with him!


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