Breyer Horse Holiday: Artist Signature Ornament

August 27, 2012

Breyer brings together some of the most talented artists in the world to create their horses. For over 60 years Breyer has brought artisans in to sculpt and paint some of the most realistic model horses in the world! For the past four years Breyer has celebrated these artisans with a special holiday ornament showcasing one of their many artists. This year, the talented Sommer Prosser has been chosen for the Artist Signature Ornament!

Sommer Prosser is a sculptor and painter that has been creating beautiful horses for Breyer for over 10 years. Her creations are some of Breyer’s most well known models including Zippo Pine Bar, Rejoice and Strapless! Sommer’s sculptures have an expressive style all their own and always seem to have a kind eye.

Her talent doesn’t stop there though. Sommer is also a well known hobbyist in the model horse hobby, competing all over the country with her work! From customizing to sculpting, Sommer’s creations light up the showring and the collections of whoever has the pleasure of owning them!

You can own a little piece of Sommer’s work with the 2012 Artist Signature Ornament. New for 2012, this is the fourth in the Artist Signature Ornament series. Blown out of beautiful red glass, this ornament is sure to become an annual favorite on your tree. Sommer’s work has been recreated into two artistic representations of her sculptures. On one side her Warmblood sculpture, Strapless has been recreated in the popular Appaloosa coat. On the other Rejoice sits in a stunning dapple rose rose grey. Both horses are lit by an old fashion street lamp that sets the perfect tone!

Bringing together artisans and collectors, Breyer always has a way of bringing the most fascinating and astonishing works of art to collectors. Now with Golden Oak Stables, you can deck your tree with even more art to celebrate the season and the beauty of the horse with!


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