Breyer Horse New Releases: Breeds Of The World Mustang

August 9, 2012

Stories of wild Mustangs and their adventures in the American Wild West have fascinated people all of the world for many years. Their wild spirit and exciting adventures have a way of capturing anyone’s imagination. The American Mustang is a breed unlike any other, and with a history unlike any other they’re sure to capture your imagination.

First brought to the Americas by Spanish Conquistadors, the American Mustang is a breed that was once domesticated but has gone feral from generations of living in the wild. These horses often have Spanish and Iberian looks to them giving the indication that the roots of the breed are still going strong. The American Mustang herds number somewhere around 30,000 in the wild with thousands more that have been captured during an annual round up and adopted out. Many Mustangs find owners through the Bureau of Land Management’s annual round up and adoption drives. This is done to prevent overpopulation of the breed so that the wild mustangs can live freely on the land.

Mustangs can range the spectrum of color, from fancy Grullos and Duns to Bays, Grays and Blacks. Pintos and Appaloosas are all known in the wild Mustang herds, it truly is a spectacle to say the least! Mustangs are a hardy breed with good hooves and a stocky body. These characteristics make them great horses for those who have the chance to adopt one!

Breyer and Golden Oak Stables brings a Mustang to its vastly popular Breeds of the World series in a pose that will have you feeling the action of the wild west! Stretched out and turning quickly towards whatever has caught his attention their new Mustang is a dynamic sculpture that is perched on his hind legs and flowing tail. His light grulla color showcases one of the many beautiful colors this breed comes in and his flowing mane and tail give him all the more interest! He’s stunning to say the least!

Bringing a little bit of the wild west to your stable is always fun and with this gorgeous wild Mustang you’ll fall in love with the breed just as so many before! There’s no question that there is truly something special about the Mustang!


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