Breyer Horse Collecting: Celebrating Veterans With Breyer

November 12, 2012

This Veterans day we celebrate and honor those who have given us the sacrifice of giving their lives to the military. Those heroes span every generation and every barrier with one thing in common, they have devoted their lives and in many cases, given us the greatest sacrifice to keep us safe. Alongside those heroes many horses have also served. From cavalry to front lines, horses have long been a part of our military. This year Breyer has celebrated two horses for their lives given to the military.

Sargent Reckless was a small mare with a big amount of courage. Fighting her way through the Korean War  she became a hero to the wounded soldiers she transported and all of the soldiers who received supplies and ammunition from her. Standing only about 14 hands tall she was truly a little mare with a lot of heart. For her time in the military she was honored by the Marines with nine awards including two Purple Hearts. Sargent Reckless spent her retirement at Camp Pendleton in California! With her own Breyer she’s sure to live on through another generation and remind us all of the sacrifice that our military give.

Old Bob was also created by Breyer this year as a portrait of Abraham Lincoln’s prized mount. Celebrating the 150th anniversary of the Civil War Breyer brings you a stunning portrait of our president’s horse. Old Bob was known as the family horse of the Lincoln family and brought Lincoln to his job as a lawyer before his presidency. Often thought to be his favorite horse, Old Bob was given the honor of following his hearse in his funeral procession.  Breyer’s Old Bob has been created in astonishing detail, even down to the blanket he wore to his funeral.

With Golden Oak Stables you can celebrate history as well as remember our Veterans this Veterans Day with a few historical horses! Bring home a little history today!



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