Breyer Horse New Releases: Vintage Western Pony

November 1, 2012

Collectors old and new can get excited about a new release for 2013 with a vintage feel! Second in a series, Golden Oak Stables brings you a mold that’s long been a favorite of collectors with a new and striking feel sure to capture the attention of collectors everywhere!

Introduced nearly 60 years ago in 1956, the Western Pony is one of Breyer’s first molds! Very similar to the larger Western Horse, the Western Pony has long been a favorite for collectors. The Western Pony has always come with a molded on bridle, chain reins and a saddle of his own. These details were popular in the 1950’s for both play and display. Collectors still love these charming details that the Western Pony sports. With his vintage feel and long history, the Western Pony became a collectors favorite many years ago but now collectors new and old can add a new one to their collection.

The Vintage Western Pony is the second in a series that aims to make vintage new again! Created in a stunning spotted appaloosa pattern the Vintage Western Pony is sure to draw attention wherever he goes. With a beautiful shaded splatter chestnut coat his color is both interesting and realistic. His blanket appaloosa design gives this little pony the right look and feel for a horse out on the ranch. His saddle and bridle have been painted in shades of brown with golden details that make them shine in the sun. A heavy gloss coating gives him the vintage feel collectors will remember from that time period. Before 1970 most Breyers were coated with a heavy gloss coating, this has become a favorite feature for many collectors. Lastly he comes with a blue ribbon sticker giving him the final vintage detail.

The Vintage Western Pony is a fun way to go back in time with Breyer and bring a wonderful new, but vintage piece into your collection!


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