Breyer Horse Collecting: Thankful For Breyer Horses

November 19, 2012

This week as Thanksgiving rolls nearer we reflect on things in our lives we are thankful for. Friends and family are often the two things that sit near and dear to our hearts, but what about those amazing horses that bring so much joy to us?

Breyers bring joy to millions all over the world. With their realistic nature and their beautiful artistry, there’s no question why horse lovers all over the world adore Breyers. Breyers allow those who can’t be around real horses for one reason or another share the joy of horses. No other horses allow you to bring the most famous horses that have lived throughout history into your lives. From famous historical horses to the most popular equestrian athlete, Breyer brings these to your very own stable where you can have the barn you’ve always dreamed of!

Breyer horses also involve a wonderful group of people collectively known as Model Horse Collectors. These collectors are often friendly, kind and excited to share information with others. Many people meet some of their very best friends through collecting Breyer horses. Without these horses thousands of connections between people never would have happened. There’s no question as to why we should be thankful for that!

Breyer horse collectors also learn so much from their models. Everything from horse anatomy to the rules of an equestrian sport can be learned through a Breyer horse. Many people have learned horse anatomy from their Breyer models and even more have learned about different breeds, sports and how to care for a horse. A Breyer may be simply be a plastic horse, but the knowledge they hold is immense!

Many artists find their creativity through their Breyer horses. Many famous horse artists started off drawing for photographing their Breyer horses and many other artists are very successful with careers customizing Breyer horses. These creative outlets are special to the artists and their fans and wouldn’t be possible if not for Breyer!

The next time you get a new model from Golden Oak Stables take a minute to think about what Breyer horses have brought into your life. You’ll probably be surprised by how thankful you are for them!


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