Breyer Horse Holiday: Holiday Stirrup Ornament

November 8, 2012

Since 2000, the  Holiday Stirrup Ornament has been a favorite for many collectors. Capturing the holiday horse, this year it’s Noche Buena, in extreme miniature detail and making it into an ornament that is simply beautiful makes this one of the most popular ways for a Breyer lover to celebrate the holiday season!

Golden Oak Stables brings you the full line of Breyer holiday including, including the 2012 Holiday Horse, Noche Buena is a beautiful dark bay horse with spirit to spare. Created on the Ethereal mold sculpted by Kathleen Moody, Noche Buena has already become a favorite among collectors. He is dressed in a poinsettia costume that celebrates the Mexican and now American tradition of the poinsettia flower during the holidays with bold bright red flowers that cover his costume.

The Stirrup Ornament recreates him in a stunning way! Perfectly scaled down into miniature he is almost exactly the same as his traditional counterpart. From his deep bay color to his stunning poinsettia costume, there’s no question why you’ll fall in love with him!  Long been a favorite of collectors, the Stirrup Ornament is a collectible and fun way to celebrate this holiday season!

He’s shown standing on a ground of fluffy snow, and playing in it as he shows off his holiday spirit. He’s then been surrounded by a beautiful chrome silver stirrup  that creates a frame for this lovely horse. It hangs from a golden ribbon that accents the silver in a beautiful way and will shimmer on your tree. Lastly a red poinsettia dangles down atop Noche Buena bringing the spirit of the holidays full circle!

Don’t forget to bring a little Breyer fun to your tree and with the Holiday Stirrup Ornament you can bring Noche Buena to your tree! There’s always room for a little spirit of Breyer in your Christmas!


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