Breyer Horse New Releases: Classics Mobile Vet Clinic

November 26, 2012

So many of us dream of caring for animal in one way or another. Few and far between are the horse lovers that didn’t think for at least a short while of becoming a vet. Taking care of the animals we love so dearly is a big task that only those with the biggest of hearts can do, but with Golden Oak Stables you can care for the models around your stable!

New for 2013, the Classics Mobile Vet Clinic is the perfect way to bring a new element to your stable! You can now bring the vet right to your horses, dogs, cats, cattle and more. Just like the real large animal vets that visit your horses when they get sick, this vet clinic is the perfect way to bring the care that your horses need to your own stable. Scaled for Classic scale models, the Mobile Vet Clinic comes with everything a vet could need all on wheels. This large vehicle has been converted to have every amenity that your sick animals will need. With two horse stalls in the back even the sickest of horses can be transported in comfort to the vet’s office to receive all the care they need.

Inside the clinic is an exam table for all those small animals that live on the farm if they happen to come down with something. An extendable roof allows the vet extra room for examining and treating and working lights and sirens can get everyone’s attention in case of emergency!  This Mobile Vet Clinic is ready to treat all of your sick animals quickly and with care!

You can live the life of a vet with your own Mobile Vet Clinic and Breyer. Bringing this new and exciting accessory to your stable is only the beginning, with a little imagination and a few horses you can be saving the lives of horses throughout your stable! There aren’t many jobs as selfless as that of a Veterinarian  now you  can get a little taste of what it’s like to save lives every day!


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