Breyer Horse Collecting: Displaying A Collection

November 15, 2012

Whether you have one Breyer or a thousand, you’re going to need to display them! Then comes the tough question of how to! With a few tips you can find easy and fun ways to display your Breyer horse collection for all to see and for you to enjoy.

Breyer horses are some of the most beautiful horses in the world, so there’s no question that the next time you get a new model from Golden Oak Stables, you’ll want to display it.  The question comes down to, how do you want to show off your horses?

Some collectors find a way to work their horses in with the home decor and have them throughout the house. Tucked into bookshelves and sitting on side tables are easy and fun ways to integrate your collection into your home! Having them throughout your home is a fun way to see your collection all the time and get to live with your collection wherever you go in your house and also add a bit of an equestrian feel to your home decor.

Many other collectors have specific spaces set off for their models. Whether it be a whole room for their models or a few bookshelves in an office, displaying your collection in mass can have a stunning look! When all your models are together it’s not only easy and fun to see what they look like all together but you can also see just how large or small your collection is. It also makes it easy to tell what models you have and which ones you still need.

It’s not uncommon for collectors to not display their entire collections either, so if you have some models that are hidden away or in storage don’t feel bad! Finding a way to show off the models you do have out can make room for more and help you truly enjoy your collection!

However you choose to display your collection remember to keep them out of bright sunlight, away from heat and to dust them every so often to keep your models in tip top shape! Your collection is your own personal way to celebrate your love for the horse, display it with pride!


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