Breyer Horse Collecting: Starting Your Breyer Tack Collection

Everyone’s collection takes a path that is different than the next, each is as unique as the collector themselves! Many collectors though, start off collecting horses and then some start adding things like tack and accessories to their collections. This is true for model horses showers too! If you’ve been waiting to add some tack to your collection, Golden Oak Stables has two sets that are perfect for giving your tack room a start or helping you to put your first performance entry into the show ring!

The Lets Go Riding Western Set is the perfect introductory set for the Western lover in all of us. This set includes everything you need to hit the trail or start working on the ranch. The set starts off with a palomino pinto stock horse that will brighten up your stable. Next is a lovely blonde cowgirl that will have your ranch working hard as she rides and works cattle. They come together with a western saddle, saddle pad and bridle that will get you started with all kinds of fun on the ranch!

The Lets Go Riding English Set is a magnificent way to start anyone in the saddle. It starts off with a beautiful chestnut Morgan mare with a kind and gentle demeanor. Her rider is a brunette who is dressed for a casual day of schooling and lessons. They come with their own set of tack including an English bridle, saddle and saddlepad. This pair is ready to teach a lesson or go for a fun and casual ride around the barn!

But that’s not where the fun stops, these sets open up a whole world of creativity for collectors. You can bring your own creativity to these sets to make them what you want! Add props, accessories and more to make a fabulous setup that is worthy of real life, or maybe even that coveted blue ribbon! Where will you start?


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