Breyer Horse New Releases: Hot Colors Western Tack Set

The world of performance may seem intimidating for many collectors, the thought of tacking up their models to head out to a show or even just to play is a lot. With Golden Oak Stables, you can jump into the world of Western riding with both feet and everything you need in one, convenient, set!

In the model horse world, performance is the name given to the division in which hobbyists use their imagination and real horse knowledge to create realistic working scenes with their models. This typically involves tack, props and riders to show the sport or event in which a horse is performing. Hobbyists have used their creativity to bring the show ring and create scenes that will make you question if they’re really model horses!

If you’ve yet to give performance a chance, there are many places to start, but the Hot Colors Western Tack Set is an easy and affordable way to jump in with both feet and see where your creativity can take you! The set starts off with an all purpose western saddle that can take you throughout many events, or even just on a nice trail ride. The saddle is accented with a blue seat and a red breastcollar. The bridle is a classical bosal style bridle without a bit. This bridle is different than a bridle with a bit, because it relies on a thick cord around the horse’s muzzle to give direction from the rider. It is a bold blue color matching the seat of the saddle beautifully! The set also includes a matching saddle pad, pair of splint boots and a pair of bell boots, so you can open the door to all kinds of western events!

No matter if you want to compete or play, Breyer brings you tack that will make for hours of fun for you and your horses!

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