Breyer Horse Accessories: Western Tack

You may have already hit the English show circuit but what about those famous Western performers in your stable? Is your tack room stocked and ready to send some Western winners into the show ring?

One of the most popular events in Western riding is Western Pleasure. In this discipline riders and horses are judged on how relaxed and composed their ride is. Judges are looking for a horse that will be a comfortable and sturdy mount. The Western Pleasure Saddle is a great overall saddle to get started with! This lightly tooled saddle is a touch of fancy but still great for overall riding.

If your horse is more of a working horse, the Western Roping Saddle might be more up your alley! This saddle is specifically designed for the rough life of a cattle horse.  On a roping saddle the pommel and horn are designed so that a rope can easily be tied onto it to hold that rowdy calf! It also features a breast collar and double rigging to give it stability as you ride.

Either of these saddles can be used with the Western Show Bridle. This bridle is perfect for any of the western disciplines!

If you’re looking for a good overall set with all you might need there are two Western Riding Sets! The first Western Riding Set is a set that is full of everything you could need to casually ride or take a long ride out on the trail. The bedroll and canteen will keep you feeling good on the trail and the saddlebags will hold anything horse and rider could need! All are coordinated in shades of maroon and tan, matching the saddle and bridle!

If you’re looking for a fun and flashy set, the Hot Colors Western Riding Set is the perfect one for you! Created in hot blue and pink, this set is fun and flashy! A lovely saddle that is great for just about any event is created out of warm light brown shades and accented throughout by bright accessories!

A fun twist on the western show is Halter. This class evaluates how well conformed the horse is. This means, how well it matches breed standards. In real stock horse classes horses wear a fancy halter often adorned in real silver! Breyer has created a miniature version of the Western Show Halter  so that you can lead your horse into the show ring too!

English or Western, Golden Oak Stables has a tack room full of tack to get your horse into the show ring. So saddle up and gallop on into the winners circle!


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