Breyer Horse Accessories: Hot Walker

March 26, 2015

Having all of the equipment you need for your stable is a concern for any horse owner, or Breyer owner alike. It’s fun to create realistic scenes with your Breyer horses that are just as beautiful as they are realistic. There’s a new accessory in town that will have your stable feeling so much like the real thing, you might just mistake it for a moment or two, and you can bring it home today!

Golden Oak Stables has brought you dozens of amazing new items from Breyer for 2015, from horses, to animals and now to accessories, there are so many fun new releases! Accessories have been a staple for collectors for many years and have only gotten more and more realistic as time has gone by. So many collectors find joy in using accessories to enhance their collections. From showing to displaying, new accessories always make the experience more interesting as a collector and make it seem just a little more like the real thing.

Now, you can exercise your model horses just like trainers and owners do with their real horses every day! The Breyer Hot Walker is a perfect Traditional scale replica of this popular piece of horse equipment used to warm up, cool down and exercise horses every day all over the world! Up to four horses will attach to the Hot Walker by their halters and can all be exercised at once while the Hot Walker does most of the work for you! Painted in white and red, it’s sure to stand out and to look beautiful in your stable as it does!

So, what’s in your stable yard? A Hot Walker makes the perfect accessory for any stable!


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Breyer Horses Live Showing: Pony Pouches

February 19, 2015

It might still be snowy and cold in many parts, but the spring show season is just around the corner! Your horses have been waiting all winter for their chance in the show ring, and with a little help from you, they’ll be all ready!

Live model horse shows are a fun and easy way to not only get to experience the model horse hobby, but also to experience a lot of what it’s like to have a real horse too! Model horse shows mimic real horses hows in many ways and bring the same types of events, breeds and competitions to the Breyer horse world. In model horse shows, Breyer horses can compete against one another just like in a real horse show, in both halter, or breed classes, or performance classes that mimic events. Just like a real horse show, ribbons and prizes are given away to the winners of each class and championship and at some shows, horses even qualify for national titles!

If you’re ready to get your feet wet and have a show on the way, one of the most important part of that preparation is packing. Packing your horses well will protect them from damage along the way. Breyer horses are fragile and so is their paint, so making sure that they are well protected for travel is essential. Golden Oak Stables brings you the perfect accessory to keep your horses looking great from stable to show table, Pony Pouches! You can choose between Blue and Pink for your new pony pouches to keep your horses safe. These soft cloth pouches feature a velcro flap to keep your horses in there securely and a name card on the front for you to mark the pouch as belonging to the special horse inside!

Ready to get into the show ring? Then pack on up and head on out!

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Breyer Horse Accessories: Going to the Horse Show

February 16, 2015

Accessorizing your Breyer horse is a fun way to not only dress your horse in fun and fabulous tack, but to also bring a sense of realism to your models. With realistic and fun accessories, you can bring a realistic touch to your own stable that only Breyer and Golden Oak Stables can help you create!

Accessories are one of the easiest and most fun ways to bring your own unique touch to your models and to make them all the more realistic. With tack, props and accessories you can create a world that is unique as your imagination. You can also create the stable of your dreams with a tack room fit for a king! The world is open when your horses are well dressed and equipped for whichever event today might bring.

Going To The Horse Show is a fun set that will have everyone excited for a day of competition. This fun set starts off with a sturdy tack trunk that will fit your horses accessories in style while on the way to the show. A light blue halter is relaxed but bold and bright enough to catch an eye while your horse is groomed for the show ring. A pink and blue plaid cooler is the perfect statement of style while your horse awaits his turn in the ring or cools down after a round in the ring. You can match your horse’s style with a pink and blue plaid tote bag to carry all of the things you need for show day too!

Bring some fun style to your tack room and to your horses with this lovely set that’s sure to catch the eye of anyone!

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Breyer Horse New Accessories: New Accessories For Your Farm

February 2, 2015

Breyer has blown collectors out of the water with new additions to the lineup for 2015. Ranging from new horses and activities to the Livestock animals coming back into the Breyer lineup, Breyer has brought a new exciting group to collectors that they have been begging for! Golden Oak Stables brings you the entire line, including some new accessories for your farm yard that will bring the perfect touch of realism and play.

The new livestock models have collectors jumping for joy in so many ways. So many collectors have been waiting for the return of the stock animals to the Breyer lineup and with their return come a few accessories for your farm to make them complete. It’s no secret that animals require special things to care for them, and farm animals are a little bit different than horses in what they need. Breyer delivers with just what you need to get your farm in shape for their arrival!

The most important part of animal care is always proper feeding and with the Livestock Feeder your animals will be perfectly fed. This top loading design keeps hay off of the ground and constantly moving. It’s wooden construction will keep it looking lovely for years for collectors too!

Keeping your animals corralled is a second but very important necessity of animal ownership as well, the Metal Livestock Fence includes four panels to get you started keeping those animals corralled. You can put more than one set together to create a pen of your own design and then when you’re done it will collapse down flat for easy storage!

Is your farm ready for a little livestock? It’s easy to get started with just a few fun accessories!

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