Breyer Horse New Releases: Traditional Truck And Trailer

Taking your horses places can open up the world for a horse and rider. Going to competitions, trail rides and to new barns opens up a world of experiences that couldn’t ever happen at your horses’ home. With a truck and trailer for your Breyers, your imagination can run wild taking them to so many places!

The Breyer Traditional Truck and Trailer are made in striking likeness to a real Dually pick up truck and two horse trailer. Anyone who’s seen the real thing will see the similarities right away, and those who haven’t can get a hands on feel, in miniature! Painted in a bold new color scheme for 2016, the truck and trailer are two essential pieces to your Breyer collection that will get your collection going places!

The truck is a traditional scale truck that has working doors, a working hatch and rolling rubber like wheels that actually turn along with the steering wheel. It is painted in a two toned white and blue color scheme with a bold horse graphic on the doors! The large bed can hold hay, tack and other accessories anywhere your horse adventures might take you.

The two horse trailer is stunning in a bold teal color that is bright and beautiful, matching the accents on the truck. This working two stall trailer has dutch doors and a fold down ramp that will help guide your horses on and off with ease. A beautiful bay horse proudly proclaiming Breyer across the side of the trailer gives it a beautiful flare all it’s own.

Rolling into Golden Oak Stables, the Traditional Truck and Trailer is what every barn needs to go to the next level with their horses, and have a little fun while they are at it!


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