Breyer Horse Riders: Nadia Schooling Rider

Young or old, we all can appreciate the role of schooling when it come to getting experience as an equestrian. Lessons are a vital part of building a bond between horse and rider, and any rider will tell you, that time in the saddle is some of the most important you can spend on horseback. Now, you can add a sweet schooling rider to your stable to help your horses exercise and learn along with creating the fun of your own lesson stable!

Nadia comes to Golden Oak Stables with a bright attitude and a fun demeanor that is perfect for any horse at your barn that might need a little more time with a rider. She’s ready to saddle up and hop on for a trip out to the schooling ring at a moment’s notice and get your horse ready for the next show ahead. She’s also ready to learn a few new skills of her own and is looking for the right horse to teach her the ropes, who in your stable would take on a rider like this?

She’s dressed dapperly in a turtleneck striped long sleeve shirt that will keep her comfortable in almost any weather. Over that she layers a quilted riding vest made of a beautiful metallic material and lined in a beautiful bright pink fabric. A pair of riding jeans keep her casual and comfortable all day long and she isn’t complete without her tall black riding boots and of course, her helmet! Safety first!

Nadia is ready to come to your stable, which horse will you have waiting for her?


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