Breyer Horse Accessories: Quilted Stable Blanket

Warm weather might be around the corner, or have already arrived, for so many, but horses still need to be kept warm if the weather gets cool. Golden Oak Stables has a myriad of ways to keep your models warm, and safe no matter what time of the year. Even better, there’s a new, and very stylish one, that has just made it’s way in!

Keeping your horse protected with a blanket from the elements and weather is something real horse owners know about all too well. Real horses need to be blanketed in times of bad weather and cold temperatures so that they stay warm and safe both in the pasture and stable. Horses are hardy animals, but require some extra protection as the weather turns poor, and a blanket can often do just the trick.

Just like real horses, Breyer horses sometimes need a little extra protection. Keeping your model dust free and safe from bumping into his neighbor on the shelf is the perfect job for a model horse sized blanket. Blanketing your model can keep your horses clean, dust free and protected from many bumps and bruises. They can also be very stylish, and make any collection light up!

The Quilted Stable Blanket is a wonderful addition to the 2015 Breyer lineup and is as stylish as it is effective. This beautiful blue plaid stripe blanket has been created to look just like the full size counterpart so many real horses wear every day. With green and white accents and bold blue strapping, this blanket is sure to stand out in a crowd. For even more protection, the blanket comes along with a matching full hood, that will protect your model wherever he might need to go.

Do you blanket your model horses? Now is a great time to start!


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