Breyer Horse Accessories: Riders

April 11, 2016

Riders are a crucial part of any horse’s life, without them, they’d still be wild and feral, but with them, they can do almost anything. The bond between horse and rider has created so many possibilities and those possibilities can come to your stable as well!

Golden Oak Stables has a stable full of riders that can help your horses do the events of your dreams and everything in between. There are so many places to start, but like all riders we can start with schooling. The Junior Rider and Nadia are both young schooling riders that can help take your horses to their first horse shows and ponies into the hunter classes.

Brenda is waiting to take your horses to the next level, in the show jumping arena. If dressage is your forte, the Dressage Rider is dressed to the nines and ready to take your horses to the top levels of competition. Finally, you can finish out your three day eventing if you choose with the Cross Country rider!

Western lovers will be happy to add either Taylor or Austin¬†to their stable. Both of these cowpokes are equipped to work the ranch or the show ring with your favorite western mounts. Both of these versatile riders are ready and rarin’ to mount up and do a hard day’s work at the stable!

Last but certainly not least, are two people that every stable needs at their disposal, the Vet and the Farrier! Without these important people, ¬†your horses wouldn’t be happy and healthy. Every good rider knows the importance of them!

What riders make up your stable?


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