Real Life Breyer Horses: Happy Birthday Queen Elizabeth!

One of the most well known and longest ruling monarch’s of the world is also one of the most established equestrians with a long history of loving horses. On Queen Elizabeth’s 90th birthday we take a moment to appreciate her equestrian life!

The Queen has always been a lover of horses, since childhood, and has always been a supporter of equestrian sport in all types. From racing to show jumping, The Queen has supported the horse in many forms. Many members of the royal family have competed over the years in equestrian sports, from polo to the Olympics, the Winsors have always been patrons to the horse under Queen Elizabeth’s guidance!

Queen Elizabeth has several Breyer connections too. Her famous mount Burmese was created in the 1990’s as a special run for European collectors, and is still a rare find today! Rumor has it that The Queen even has sent her hand maidens to Breyerfest to pick up horses for her, so who knows what her collection might look like.

Currently you can add one of The Queen’s favorite mounts to your collection from Golden Oak Stables, Carltonlima Emma! This little Fell Pony is not only royal, but a new sculpture as well. Part of the British Breeds series, this little pony is full of British and royal pride!

Celebrate this momentous occasion with a fellow equestrian and Breyer lover! Happy Birthday Queen Elizabeth!


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