Breyer Horse Collecting: Loving What You Collect

April 14, 2016

Collections don’t happen by accident, and they certainly don’t happen without your help, so it’s no wonder why we love them so much! When you look at your collection, can you remember where each one is from, or why you chose that one? Chances are that you probably can, which is the first step in happy collecting.

With so many different choices out there for Breyer horses, it can be a little overwhelming to pick one out. All of the different breeds, colors, scales and sizes can make your head spin, but choices are also amazing! At any time you can bring the horse of your dreams into your home and add it to your collection. Horses that you never imagined could be yours can stable up with you and stay there forever!

Collecting what you love sounds easy enough, but it can actually take a little work to make sure that each horse you add will stand the test of time. When you look at your collection, do certain horses speak to you? Certain ones stand out above the others as a favorite? There’s probably a few that do, and you probably gravitate towards them more than others.

So the question is, how can you make sure each horse in your collection is like this? The first step is to choose what you love, without any hesitation. Getting hung up on things like color, artist or scale when you love something really doesn’t matter in the end, you’ll love it regardless of anything else. You also need to remember that you love it, so if a friend doesn’t care for a particular model, that doesn’t matter, it’s yours and only yours.

What you love is the only thing that matters to your collection! Happy collecting from Golden Oak Stables!


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