Breyer Horse Collecting: Your First Breyer Horse

April 4, 2016

Every collection starts somewhere, and your’s is no exception! Where your collection started and where your collection went from there is unique as each collector themselves, and tells a story that only your collection can!

If you collect Breyer horses, there has to be a start to your story, everyone starts somewhere, and most places are as unique and interesting as the collections themselves. If you think back to where your collection started, you can probably recall the magical first time you had a Breyer in your hands. For so many collectors, their first Breyer was the answer to their hopes and dreams of having a horse in their lives. For others, it was a way to celebrate their passion for horses or to memorialize a special horse.

Sometimes a Breyer comes into the hands of someone who doesn’t have a passion for horses, and it lights one! Breyers have made many people fall in love with horses through their unique beauty that captures the essence of the horse. This is what makes Breyers special and unique!

What is the story of your first Breyer horses? Did it light the passion in you for horses? Or did you already have a love of them? What was so unique about your first Breyer? Whatever it was, it’s a story all your own, and one you can help write for the next generation of collectors. Is there someone in your life that needs their first Breyer? Golden Oak Stables can help! Choose carefully, chances are, you’re starting a life long collection!


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